Shirt Maker - Clothing creator plugin released! Design & make clothes by your own scripts!

Hello Guys,

Let me introduce Apafey Studio’s most recent plugin:

Shirt Maker - Clothing creator plugin


Create Roblox Clothing by your own scripts! Make-up your shirts by your script!
Add objects, textures, colours, drawings etc. with your code!
You can use optional information from selected objects in your project’s workspace!

The interface of the plugin is quite simple, but the engine behind the scenes are really smart! A detailed Help page tells you what to do and how to do.

Youtube tutorial video:

How to use in short: all of the standard Roblox shirt boxes are available as selectable, empty frames, and you can write a simple function() in an editable modulescript to fill the selected frame with your stuff!

Run and see - a real WYSIWYG ( = What You Script Is What You Get :slight_smile: ) system!

Tip: you can change the size of the frames in your script, so you can cover more shirt area with one single frame.

Use “Reset” buttons to reset one or all frames to the original state.

A sample modulescript is bundled with the plugin, so starting your designer code is simplier than ever!

WHEN READY: Make a screenshot or use Win+Sh+S and place the picture beside red corner marker lines into an original Roblox Template file!

Remember: there is no way to save a picture or screenhot of a specific screen area in Roblox, this is why you need to do it manually. But it requires zero or minimal experience, and paint dot net or Gimp will do the rest for you!

Paste the sreenshot properly to an original Roblox template file (585x559 pixel, available here), and save it in the original png format.

Tip: Use ‘Clothing Tester’ plugin by Lauri9 to test your png file!

If you find my Clothing maker plugin useful, please add a Like / Favourite to this!


  • pants template
  • integrated png tester
  • load template from character!
  • load user template png
  • preview model (realtime if possible)

Thank You for using Apafey’s plugins!

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Well done, you should move this to #resources:community-resources as you are providing a plugin as a resource.


Thank you for your comment!

Do you think that a non-free plugin can be posted in community resources?
I’m not sure, this is why I post it here instead.


mind making it free please?


Make this free please.

1: You will have more people using your plugin

2: You will get more reviews

3: Your already putting on top of peoples robux that they also have to upload a shirt for 10 robux so you would be helping people if you do make it free.


Ty for your comment!

I think it can be a useful tool for many creator and it is also an original idea enough to hope some Robux for it. If you, guys, think in a different way and no one is interested in it as a paid tool, I’ll make it free after a while. I hope it won’t happen :slight_smile: and I wish you’ll get some Robux to invest in tools like this!

Probably, you can wait for the YouTube tutorial to make the decision easier!


Na i would rather waste my robux on cloths rather then on plugins that make cloths listen to @MrGameboy123456789 's answer


Ok, no problem! Thank you for your time for the discussion!


I would suggest that the price should be 10, in between the replies. But, before buying (if buying), would you be kind to provide a video of how the plugin in action?


Yes, I’ll make it, I just wanted to have the post kicked-off first - this post will be linked below the video and vice versa. I plan to make it within hours.

About pricing: I have several plugins (all supported with Youtube videos), prices vary between free and 50, I hope this is a fair price for this one.


Hello! I really like this plugin. I’m not planning using it in the future, but when I make shirts this comes handy!


Hello, I have tried your plugin, but the only thing I can do it make everything rainbow:

How do I do stuff different?


Wait, you need to make your own script to make it?

I think you should add a draw tool.


Hello, I’m just uploading the tutorial to YouTube, just made the video, it takes appr. an hour. Please read the help page within the plugin for some more help!

And yes, the rainbow boxes are the sample script - you can replace it with any script you want.


Hello, thank you for your comment!

As the title and the first 2 sentences of the post states:
“Create Roblox Clothing by your own scripts! Make-up your shirts by your script!”

The plugin gives an active template and a comfortable environment to do this and you can use its modulescript as a realtime code to do whatever you can imagine.

I’ve tried to create a kind of drawing tool but it would require thousands of GUI objects by each shirt area, that would kill Roblox Studio.

You may need to draw your pics in a different sw, what you don’t need with this plugin is to use any other programming language / sw environment to insert them into your clothing.

Ty for your question, I hope this description helps not to you only but for other users too!

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The YouTube tutorial has been published!

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Make this free please, great plugin though!


He can’t. It has to be free to do that.

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It’s easy to make clothing without the plugin so you are paying for the premium of having a plugin dedicated to making clothing.

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How do you make it easily? I really wonder, I couldn’t find any solution.
I mean pixel precision & scripted clothing creation.