Shirt not showing on avatar when wearing it

Just re-upload it and it should be fine. Also prevent yourself from trying on the shirt in profile, avatar, etc after uploading until it appears.
The only reason why it does that is that I think you tried on the shirt before the shirt was approved, so just try not to do that and wait a couple of minutes around 10 or so.

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Mhm, I did do this but something with the file just didn’t let it show up on the website. I have a routine of uploading shirts and then trying them on a few hours later, so I don’t think the reason below works 100% of the time.

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This is a engine bug, it needs to be resolved. If it does not happen 100% of the time, that’s why. I have noticed that 5% of the time, my shirt doesn’t show up. It happens with other shirts too, it’s really annoying, but it’s not the shirt. It’s the engine.


I’ve had this issue in the past with some articles of clothing that I would upload. For me, if I would try and put the clothing on before it is approved by moderation, it tends to be invisible. Other times, it would be already approved by moderation and when I put it on, it could sometimes tend to be invisible. For me, the solution was to just keep trying to put it on a few times or simply just waiting a bit of time. However, I have read up in your post and you said previous clothing still shows to be invisible so I am not really sure what that cause is.

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This still occurs for me, but instead of making the clothing, I bought it off someone but it still seems to not work

I’ve tried redrawing my avatar, waiting weeks, switching outfits, using it on other outfits, etc. still doesn’t work


This also happens to me. It doesn’t occur exclusively to shirts, at least for me. Sometimes when I try to wear anything, the avatar thumbnail either gets stuck loading or shows the last thumbnail I had.

I am unsure if this is related but sometimes when I try putting on any of my outfits, the body colors don’t change, making me have to click on the outfit twice.

Just now, when I tried equipping this outfit, it didn’t set the bodycolors correctly.

It did send correctly, afaik:

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Been happening in the avatar tab where you customize your character as well, You have to click it at least 3 times for it to be worn and seen.


Update on this: this seems to have meant it’s been “ghosted” or unwearable by ROBLOX themselves, as the same outfits shown in my clip are now deleted from ROBLOX


I’m having the same issue. It’s been over a day, since I had my friend upload the shirt I needed uploaded. It loads perfectly in game, but doesn’t show up on my avatar. It’s beginning to get annoying, because I’ve had this happen before with clothing I uploaded back when I had premium.

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I have been having a similar problem for around a week, I try to put on my shirt, it loads properly on the website, I go into a random game, like when I normally play, then it doesn’t show, I am not sure what to do because I had to load another avatar that I don’t usually use and it works, but it should work almost all the time because it’s just a noob outfit with no shirt, just colors. You can see my avatar loads fine on the website like my icon but it doesn’t work in game.

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Guys if your shirts do not work, it would be helpful to post a link to the shirt, so roblox staff can check it out themselves. Also as a side note, the Valentines shirt that I uploaded back in January is currently working. I remember testing it for weeks and it wouldn’t show up, but it shows up for now.

That’s because the shirt you bought was inappropriate. Roblox will moderate any lingerie on the website, and that bathing suit counts.

I think you have to click redraw avatar when that happens (wearing something but it doesnt show up)

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I’ve had this issue before and I don’t know if you’ve resolved it yet but my brother is an experienced clothing designer and he says to not wear the shirt while it’s loading and being processed by ROBLOX. So basically when you upload wait for the shirt to appear before you put it on. Hope this helps.

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I’m getting this issue again.
Where something’s harmless, and it doesn’t give me any kind of moderation warning, but it rejects it still, with it just not loading the thumbnail and not appearing on character.


I have this same issue but with tons of shirts and pants, that’s like 70 shirts and pants, I lost like 350 R$ to clothing which doesn’t work because roblox is glitched.

I kinda doubt they’ll fix this, cause the avatar editor is already reeeally glitched and getting out of air tons of times recently…

Nobody seems to be posting links to broken clothing – not sure what you expect Roblox to action on here!


Got the same issue here. On my main account (this one), a piece of clothing I uploaded yesterday is transparent on the website while trying it on with any other account works fine for me.

Not sure what’s going on there but reuploading solved the issue.
Late reply, better than none I hope

I’ve seen people say reuploading the shirt should fix the issue, but the problem I have is then there’s duplicates in your inventory and it’s difficult to manage. This shouldn’t happen in the first place which is why I made a bug report about it. I uploaded a suit jacket on January 27th, almost a month ago and it’s having the same issue that I had with the Valentines Shirt. Here’s the link:


I’ve also been told by a friend that in-game I am shirtless as well, though on my side of the screen I can see the shirt.


This isn’t a solution anymore, cause of the fee to upload.


Delete part of the template and that should fix your problem.