Shirt not showing on avatar when wearing it

I’m getting this issue again.
Where something’s harmless, and it doesn’t give me any kind of moderation warning, but it rejects it still, with it just not loading the thumbnail and not appearing on character.

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I have this same issue but with tons of shirts and pants, that’s like 70 shirts and pants, I lost like 350 R$ to clothing which doesn’t work because roblox is glitched.

I kinda doubt they’ll fix this, cause the avatar editor is already reeeally glitched and getting out of air tons of times recently…

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Nobody seems to be posting links to broken clothing – not sure what you expect Roblox to action on here!


Got the same issue here. On my main account (this one), a piece of clothing I uploaded yesterday is transparent on the website while trying it on with any other account works fine for me.

Not sure what’s going on there but reuploading solved the issue.
Late reply, better than none I hope

I’ve seen people say reuploading the shirt should fix the issue, but the problem I have is then there’s duplicates in your inventory and it’s difficult to manage. This shouldn’t happen in the first place which is why I made a bug report about it. I uploaded a suit jacket on January 27th, almost a month ago and it’s having the same issue that I had with the Valentines Shirt. Here’s the link:


I’ve also been told by a friend that in-game I am shirtless as well, though on my side of the screen I can see the shirt.


This isn’t a solution anymore, cause of the fee to upload.


Delete part of the template and that should fix your problem.

I just had this problem i uploaded a hoodie but the icon and the shirt itself is not there
This is the hoodie i uploaded :

I’m not sure if i have to wait because i posted another hoodie like a month ago and it was ready to be worn right after i uploaded it.

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Hello there. I too recently had this problem except it doesn’t even appear on the game. The shirt is still purchasable and it appears on the profile picture but not in game or avatar customisation. Of it was moderated, I would have been notified but none.