Shirt won't upload ("Upload failed. Did you use the template")

Hello! I was doing a commission with someone and suddenly while they was uploading the clothing it responded as “Upload failed. Did you use the template?”, it has the same size as I checked it and everything looks alright. I downloaded the 2019 clothing template which has the size of 585x559 and the clothing I want to upload is this.


So, I’m wondering why it does not work… Do any of you know? Leave down a message! Thanks for reading.

Edit: For future comers, just keep trying, if it does not work then wait an extra hour or more then it will work! That is what I have done and it works


Could be some upload failure. Try refreshing the page or wait. Sometimes the error message is false.


I can say i’ve experienced it myself and it is super frustrating.
But as @Operatik said either wait or refresh, however i waited 5mins for it to work but it didn’t.


Did you ever get this issue resolved? I’m starting to have that problem now.


Yeah, my client said it worked after a couple of minutes of trial and error.