Shirts and Pants resolution

Shirts and pants.

With the somewhat new R15 avatars, I was expecting for the shirts and pants on Roblox to also get an overhaul. This fell quite a bit short.

The ratio for the Shirt/Pants template is 45 : 43
Roblox only allows a size of 585x559 to be uploaded, anything else is rejected.
By doubling the resolution of this, I believe that higher quality clothing can be achieved on Roblox.
Here is some resoltions that use the 45 : 43 ratio.

Template: 585x559 pixels
Template (Doubled): 1170x1118 pixels
Template (Tripled): 1755x1677 pixels


I talked to an engineer about this and was horrified when I learned that all of the character textures are crammed into a single 1024 image.


Hard to argue with that tho, with all the thousands of copied shirts by bots and groups, that’s a lot of data.


The main issue is probably the relatively low resolution of the composite textures for humanoids, not the uploaded/website resolution of the shirts/pants image. All of the clothing is downscaled ingame so that it can fit into a single texture that gets loaded into GPU memory.

Resolution of uploaded shirts isn’t what ScriptOn is talking about though. In game the humanoid composites all of the clothes into one texture, and that texture is 1024x512 in size (might have changed by now, don’t quote me on the specifics lol)


yep, anybody who’s exported any character models are probably equally as terrified.

Good to know that our avatar texture system is over a decade old…


It’s because roblox supports crappy computers of all kind.

I still think any PC with decent specs should get higher resolution, though.


sorry for reviving this but, if doubling works then would decreasing the resolution but keeping the 45:43 ratio work?

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I’m surprised we don’t have texture resolution settings yet at all.

Everything on Roblox is just locked or scaled to a certain resolution with little to no ability to change it.