Shorthand Properties Panel Input

Hi Developers,

Today, we are introducing a simple yet powerful quality-of-life improvement to the Properties Panel.

The change

When entering a property value in the properties pane, you previously had to type the property value in exactly the right format for the properties panel to accept it, otherwise it would be ignored. Now, the properties panel will do its best to interpret your input rather than giving up.

Here’s a few examples of how an input is interpreted into a sensible value:

  • Vector3 property 100100, 100, 100
  • Color3 property FFF255, 255, 255
  • Color3 property 0.5127, 127, 127
  • UDim2 property 0.5{0.5, 0}, {0.5, 0}
  • UDim2 property 50{0, 50}, {0, 50}
  • UDim2 property 0.5, 42{0.5, 0}, {0, 42}
  • any property, input 0 → zeroed out

Please let us know if you think of any useful cases we didn’t include.

Aside: Don’t hesitate to send feature requests

This change is a nice demonstration of the power of feature requests.

In total this change only took about a day of work to implement, test, and release. However it will likely save the community countless hours in improved flow of using the properties panel, I even look forwards to taking advantage of it in my own work! So why didn’t we implement this earlier?

Nobody thought to do it. We were too used to the status quo of painstakingly typing out the full property value to imagine that there might be a significant easy improvement there. However all it took to break that status quo was some creative thinking from the right person.

We’re absolutely interested in doing these small quality of life improvements. Some things which seem to be easy quality of life improvements do end up being harder than they should be for technical reasons and not worth doing, but for every one of those there’s undoubtedly other easy highly impactful changes like this one… out there just waiting to be identified and implemented.

Never stop keeping your eye out for these and suggesting them!


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Thanks for adding this feature, it’s a really small thing but it will save us from typing unnecessary details and speed things up.


Great update, I really appreciate it. I always wondered why it was only behaving like this on the AnchorPoint property.

But why would you make it FFF instead of FF/255?


Minor spelling mistake?


I really enjoy using text boxes responsive to user input.
I’ve always tried typing 0.5, 0.5 to frames and it just never did what I wanted. With this update it does it perfectly and I don’t have to put the squiggly brackets no more!

Would love to see more random quality of life improvements!(can’t think of any as of this moment to suggest lol)


wow thanks I love this
it makes it SO much easier


It’d be nice if more than a small static margin of Devforum users could actually use feature requests…


FFF in that context is treated as a short-form hex code, with each of the hex digits representing one color component. For example, F08255, 0, 136. That format is relatively common in HTML.


Keep the awesome updates coming.


Feature requests are essentially useless. Most feature requests and bug reports go completely ignored 90% of the time. Is there any reason to why this is? Or any plans to change this?


Some bugs I’ve seen guaranteed only take a few minutes or even seconds to fix once you open the appropriate files…

I guess the hardest part is finding the bug reports that could be fixed like that. Anyways, thanks for the simple but useful update.


Awesome change! Could you make it easier to input math.huge though?


Shoutout to this brave roblox engineer who didnt needed to add this but decided to anyways.

This will save tons of time and also help new devs not get frustrated.


What you might be seeing here is the time factor, which is an interesting one: Paradoxically things which have been broken for a very long time become harder to fix and sometimes continue to remain unfixed as a result.

The reason for that is that when you go to fix very old bugs you have to carefully evaluate whether developers have actually come to depend on the broken behavior as the new expected behavior and what to do about that if they have.


Thank you for your explanation. With that in mind, another quality of life improvement related to this would be this: Color3 property (#)FF0000255, 0, 0


It has always bothered me how when I go to copy and paste a UDIM2 value, it results in {0, 10},{0,10}, which isn’t a viable input when using, resulting in me having to remove the brackets, etc… Any intentions of changing this?


And 0/0. If you’re wondering its use, nan on certain properties creates awesome effects (brightness on lights, GeographicLatitude)


Color is usually represented in hex. FFF is a shorthand for 0xFFFFFF. FF in hex is 255.


This is a really neat feature! No more will I accidentally mistype a UDim and have to retype it again.