Should feedback on any creation be directed to Cool Creations?

For all of the support sections, I’ve seen users using them for feedback on their creations. However, after looking over the “about _____ support” threads pinned at the top of each I noticed something I hadn’t seen before:

Is this a new change or am I just crazy

This should mean that any posts asking for or regarding to feedback should be advised to go #development-discussion:cool-creations, correct? I haven’t ever seen this enforced really, so I’m a bit confused. :face_with_monocle:


Development feedback is for improvement and cool creations is for showing off the already completed work.

In my image it clearly says:

"For feedback… the #development-discussion:cool-creations category should be used.

It’s in every “about” thread in the support sections. This implies that feedback on any work, which includes improvement, should not be in those sections and rather #development-discussion:cool-creations.

I believe (not 100% sure) but by feedback in development feedback they mean what should be improved or changed, and in cool creations feedback such as what they like and stuff. (Once again I am not 100% sure so don’t quote me on it.)

Once again, the image provided in my OP states otherwise. Feedback is feedback, no matter what kind it is. Not sure what you mean by “what they like and stuff.”

If you aren’t 100% sure then why are you posting to begin with on the question?

The line between needing support on what to do next with a build/model/etc and showing off is very blurry so this is not moderated against.

Note that it says “the Cool Creations category (…) should be used”, not that people should actually make a new topic there. If you go and read the About post for Cool Creations:

It says:

So for posts with little textual content / no in-depth request for feedback, the WAYWOC topic should be used.


Despite this topic being solved, I still believe that some further standardisation would be required to make the DevForum more mature and enjoyable.

As New Members join and aren’t familiar with all the rules, forums such as Building Support and Art Design Support (but mainly the former as I am more active in it) are being flooded with posts titled “Rate this out of 10” (or some such variation), only for the creation in question to be a small building with windows. It feels like the mentioned support sections have lost a huge deal of quality and it increasingly feels like people aren’t actually posting to acquire feedback, but only to show their creations to the public with the encouragement of some positive responses. This isn’t how the Support sections should work.

I’d suggest removing the grey area between the Cool Creations/Building Support. The misuse of the latter forum has made the DevForums somewhat unenjoyable, as instead of making good posts we only have the opportunity to say “I give your build a 10/10!” lest we be flagged for being rude. :roll_eyes: Despite this, a lot of the “10/10” posts also get flagged for being spam… making the whole threads pointlessly controversial.


It’s not possible to objectively distinguish between needing support and wanting feedback as I tried to describe above. The line is too blurry.

If you think a topic is not appropriate for the developer forum, flag it with appropriate description and developer engagement team will take a look.

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Will do. It’s only their frequency that has made me reluctant to flag them, as it would essentially be a case of flagging 4/5 threads on the go. I wasn’t sure if that would be spammy.

Happy birthday by the way!

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