Should I discontinue my game after v4.0 if it fails?

Greetings! I have this game

That has been released since December 8 of 2020.

It has received its fair share of hate ever since its release. Most of the issues have been fixed, and now we are prepping for its biggest update ever. v4.0.

On December 8, 2020, I gave the EOL date December 10, 2022 if it doesn’t do well. I have another game in development which has started development before the v3.0 update which I will not leak yet.

Since Bloxy Kart has pretty much flopped, I am thinking of completely quitting the project after v4.0. Im also scared that v4.0 would end up like a disaster like v2.0 and v2.1 did.

When v3.0 released, its popularity went…


I think the damage with v2.0 has already been done, and I am not motivated enough to finish all of the features of v4.0. I might consider making development stage 3 of v4.0 the last build with features in it, and release everything early. I mean, v4.0 has been in development since October of 2021, originally called Bloxy Kart 2.

So after v4.0, should I be done with the game if it doesn’t gain in popularity, and move on to other projects? Other racing games are getting better and better in quality, and there is more competition besides Rally Kart now.

Thanks in advance!

Yes. Continue,
but add some updates/changes that would attract more people

Don’t throw it away

I tried everything, even borrow some features from Rally Kart, but those didn’t even work. Even tried running ads just to get very negative feedback.

You gotta stop making one small update at a time, I suggest you to completely upgrade it into a front page game, the name will be Version X. If you need help you can go on Fiverr or TalentHub

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Make it truly something good, ok?

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If anyone wants to see the stats, here they are:

This very major decline is why I want to give up on Bloxy Kart.

I know how hard it is, but the society doesn’t allow the weak to survive, so either be the best or quit, luck is occational but endurance and passion is your own decision.

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If you don’t want to work alone anymore, you can join our team, we actually need a vehicle creator. We can give you a high salery or percentage :smiley:

I agree with @Megalodox_Official ,

Don’t give up. I have a game with 190K visits, but I decided to close it… but for a reason[updating and fixing stuff].

Try to think How can I bring more people into my game? and upgrade your game, so people would see effort and appreciate by playing/giving a thumb up / sharing.


Alright. Once Development Part 3 is released, I will gather public DevForum feedback with a playable test build on seeing how the game can get better.

Think about how much you love Roblox and making games :smiley:

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Don’t make an update in 2 hours, it should take at least a few weeks to be qualified as a innovated update

Been working on this “update” for months (Since October)

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There is literally no reason to close that game, I played it

My God, the effort ; the UI, the scripts, the maps.

Maybe make different jeeps, but other than that, keep working on it!

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Yeah, karts are getting a complete makeover in this build, along with customization.

The game has a huge potenital. Try to replace the jeeps, and also -

When the race ended, nothing happend, I think it’s a bug

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I will look into this. I would have to think it is fixed since a ton of stuff got rewritten, but I will still check.

Which map did you encounter this bug in?

If I am not mistaken, it was a map with big rocks , I don’t remember the name

A lot of them have big rocks lol.