Should I hire developers?

Hello, this is about my game

Should I hire more Devs for this?

I have been thinking about this for some time now… and I made a list of Pros/Cons of hiring more Devs.


  • The game making would go a lot faster.
  • It would be nice looking.
  • People could learn more stuff/Get there skills up.
  • Could help me keep me on trick and not bored.
  • Come up with different ideas.


  • The game could fail
  • People would be lazy and not doing work.
  • People might be toxic.
  • People could just be doing this for money and not for fun.
  • Stress I be put under to much stress of people doing stuff wrong.
  • I would have to fire people. (I dont like to but if I have to I will.)
  • Some people might not trusted.

Now, the thing is that I dont have the money or the robux to go for backpay if the game fails.

Now, I want to do the project but at the same time I can´t build or script or do another things that are needed for a game I can only make music.

Should I hire people or do this by myself?

Please note: That no one has been hired beside like 3 of my composer friends.


No i think you should hire more scripters and someone to make a game icon and thumbnails (also video) for your game


The think is that no one has been hired yet am saying should I do the project by myself or hire devs?


Basically yes, if you are not good at scripting, then you should hire some scripters, if you want to do this for yourself, remember that you can ask here, in the forum some help.

If you want i can work with you without being paid, i might help you a bit, and also, sorry by not telling you how was your shirt, right now it’s ok, i just need to test some stuff and that’s it. Sorry lol


You shoud hire as many people as you can


I would try and keep the dev team small so that everyone could get a good amount of pay. Also because you’re gonna have less people in the team create or that access to the game in some other way which reduces the risk of people stealing assets and stuff.


Well, as for what I did, I started the game on my own, and continued to develop it as it grew and grew. I guess hiring developers would be a good idea, (I found some through Hidden Developers), and although it could be possible that your game will fail, this is one risk that most developers have to face, and your game being successful can’t be predetermined. If you believe that your game will be successful later on, then go ahead, take the chance and hire some developers.

I guess you can try Hidden Developers, ask them to build models/script for you before paying, then they can be trusted. Sure, some builders/scripters may want you to pay them first, but I usually try sticking to those that do it before getting paid. I feel like the other way around is kind of sketchy, and they’ll just scam you. Anyways, good luck on your game.


Well, I know I can ask for help here just sometimes people come off of rude like “Oh my god are you really asking this question it’s so simple.” They might not say it but sometimes the way the reply it say’s it.

Am not really sure how that’s going to help sure I want the project done but having like 20 people doing the same job it puts stress on me.

Yes, but how small? I was thinking like having one person for each job but the composers will have like 5 people because it’s going to take like 50-100 songs to make this one game.

I am in there group I am ranked musically.

I don’t understand why would someone need pay if they have not done work yet?

That’s the big thing how do I know I can trust the people I am hiring?

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Well most of the times people would want you to pay them first or a small % of the total pay to not get scammed and to check that you actually own group funds or robux.

This has happened to me so before any job I ask the person to pay me a small percentage of the total pay for eg 10%, 5%.

I have a tip for you when hiring devs. Ask them if they have any experience working in teams, Ask them if they have a portfolio. Check their roblox profile and if you find something sketchy ask about it.

IMO hiring developers can be a very good experience for improving leadership, team management, leading and many more. It just depends on your need how many people you want. If your game has more detailing then hire more builder or if more complexity or system then hire scripters.
Usually the scripter get the highest pay/percentage followed by builder.


When I hired developers to work or me, I payed them but never if they did no work, whats the point of wasting money on someone when they do nothing to earn it, if you pay someone for doing nothing its like awarding a kid or bad behavior, your giving them what they want and will keep doing it because they know hey will get paid. But then again if they request a small portion of their pay before they start I deny it and encourage a trial period to see if they are actually going to do it, I don’t tell them how long the period is but it usually ranges from 2-3 weeks of consecutive work.


When, I start hiring people no one will get payed unless they do there job I will give them like a full week to do a task and if they fail to do it then I will kick them. I don’t like doing it but it has to be done.

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Exactly. that’s a good idea, but remember that the task you give is possible to be done in 1 week and consider School, Work, Family, Social Life.


Well, the thing is the project is mostly going to be for like new devs because, it’s a good way to get there skills up.


That’s why I have been trying to get some friends of mine to assist me in creating a developer academy.


Yes I understand, the problem with new devs is they lose motivation really quickly or just abandon the job. That can give a huge depression to the workflow of game development.


They might be doing it with good intention, like:

Oh, this is so easy

if you mean that they are going that like:

Omg you are so dumb, this is so easy lol

Then you can report them.

You already got replies like that? could you give me the links? Thanks :slight_smile:


That is true, and oddly enough some of the best developers have ADHD and to keep it controlled usually you give them a challenging task.


I never thought about it that way the game is going to take some time to make with 100 songs. :laughing: I want to have a small dev team but at the same time it might be to much stress.


I have ADHD my self.


Well there is one huge aspect you must consider which is who you hire, and how they communicate. Communication with a team is the key to success. And also, if your trying to earn money there is one quote I always say:
Effort is Time, Time is Quality, Quality is Money