Should I Put Tags in my Game's Description?

Right now, my game isn’t getting that many players. I’ve contemplated adding tags, but I don’t want my game to seem bad. Usually, the only games you see using tags are those poorly made obby games. I’ve tried using social media to advertise and paying for advertisements on Roblox, but none of them seem to work. Putting tags in my description is the only thing I haven’t tried.


I believe they are actually against the ToS. If they aren’t, I still wouldn’t add tags in your game, as they make the developer look desperate.


I agree with @Crazedbrick1.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some mad quality games that have tags in them, but most of the time, the tags of games are Sonic Goku Obby Simulator Barbie Adopt Me Anime. Most of those copy-paste obbies have tags so that they show up with every. single. search.

So yeah. When I see tags I think twice about playing the game.


I wouldn’t put tags in your description as Roblox takes the normal description and uses that as search keywords. Instead of putting Tags:Simulator,Roleplay you could put A simulator where you roleplay! having the 2nd description would give you more keywords that could be found when searching. If you need more info on search ranks on Roblox read this article.


I’ve already put a few keywords in my description, but it doesn’t help.

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Well, what are your keywords/game?
Also it doesn’t always bump it up immediately. Really keywords help you a ton when your game is semi-big once enough people play your game keywords rank it up much higher.


I am making a roleplay game so some of my keywords are roleplay, family, friends, and hangout.

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Well something like this might help with keywords:
Do you like roleplaying? Here in game-title you can create a family find friends and hangout!
You wouldn’t do this exactly but it gives you an idea on what to do. Make sure to include as many keywords as possible for higher ranking.


Using tags commonly makes your game description look messy and cluttered. Sponsoring your game (ads, banners, etc) is really the only other option.

Fun fact, Roblox’s game search relies on description keyword, then game popularity and then like to dislike ratio (although I think they no longer use the like/dislike for game searches due to unepic bot spam)

TL;DR Use ads, sponsors, or stuff like that


I know this was a while ago, but I was searching for a solution for how to get my game higher in the search engine.

When you said this

having the 2nd description would give you more keywords that could be found when searching.

Did you mean the description of a Roblox Place?

Yes, you would want to put your game description with tags in your Roblox Place Description.