Should I release this doors to public?

Should I release these doors to the public?

I’m wondering if I should release these doors to the public as I’m developing something else and never had a chance to use these. These doors are based on the SCPF genre.


Just made it public, you can find it here


yes that is all i have to say i cant think of more

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Great things you got there, however the question is do you want to release them to the public? There’s no reason to ask this question. If you aren’t using them go ahead! People will find great use of this, nice job.

If your not using it or never will, it’s better to put it for sale for everyone. Obviously these are your model, and you can choose if you do want to put it on for sale.

It would be good if you open source it because many beginners will learn about proximity prompt

Great Idea, I will keep it in mind.