Should I Use the Toolbox?

So my first game called “sticks” is currently in development. Now I want to make it by myself so I don’t have to deal with developers doing stuff to get me banned. And I want to know if the toolbox should be used, I do have modeling knowledge with Fusion360. So I can do basic modeling in there, but then use the toolbox for more complex models. So should I use the toolbox or not?

Should I use the toolbox?
  • Yes, you should use the toolbox
  • No, don’t use the toolbox and make everything in Fusion360.

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What is the game about? What type of models would you want? Is there a definite release date?
You need to give much more detail when asking questions like these.

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The game is a capture-the-flag like game, your goal is to get all your sticks to the other side as fast as you can. The big models im talking about are stuff for the map.

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The toolbox is there to be used, I however prefer to use my own models and make my own things, but generally I think its perfectly fine to use it as long as proper credits are given


Yes you should use the toolbox.

Reason being… Everyone starts somewhere.

If this is your first time creating a game, or one of a few. I would recommend still using the toolbox. To this day, I have been developing for over 5+ years and I still use the toolbox. It is there for a reason, just make sure you don’t install some malicious scripts. Roblox will let you know if the model you import has a script in it, with the new update.

Toolbox is to be used to create a game. I recommend starting from it, then start creating your own models so you can learn more from it. I have learned much knowledge from assets from the Toolbox. Just be careful!


I think this is the simplest answer. It’s completely up to you.

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