Should more mature games be on Roblox?

So I have heard a lot of talk lately about roblox working to make the platform more suitable for more mature audiences. The question is, would this be good for developers? Below is a list of the most common types of games on roblox (as of November 30th, 2019)

-Tycoons (mostly sandbox tycoons at this point)
-Prison Escape Games

I feel that more mature types of games would fall into the categories below

-Lifelike business roleplays
-Economic Simulators
-Political Roleplays (realistic police/jail roleplays)
-Other ideas like such

Here’s the thing

I came up with this topic when thinking about my group’s new game, which is an economic simulator, of sorts. I really feel it will be successful, and created this post to assure it’s success

  • I think that more mature games would be likely to succeed
  • I think more mature games would succeed if given a good amount of advertising
  • I don’t feel more mature games would succeed

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Please leave your reasoning for your answer below, I’d love to look through them and see the communities thoughts!


My game, One in the Chamber was banned for having connotations of Russian Roulette. While it was around it was very well rated, and even kids enjoyed it. No one even died in the game as well, but if ROBLOX becomes more matured I can bring it back.

A lot of its players are growing up and don’t want to play games on the platform with a demographic of 7-year-olds. ROBLOX should take this into consideration moving forward, perhaps with games allowed to be made for 13+ users.


As much as you would like games like “Economic Simulators” to exist, nobody would play them.

It’s like getting the choice of going for a week to disney land, or a week to shadow stock brokers doing their job.


To add to this statement, the ROBLOX Youtube community, an enormous social outlet which is perhaps the only way a person comes in contact with ROBLOX doesn’t help at all. In fact, quite the contrary.

ROBLOX created content on Youtube is geared towards like RVVZ said in similar lines:
-13 year-olds, it features a lot of clickbait, Scams and a good amount of cringe.

These factors scare away new-er mature audiences from coming into ROBLOX because of the association youtube brings upon it.

The current mature community in ROBLOX are people who have all not everyone but ya know… played ROBLOX for a very long time. They know that ROBLOX is so much more what youtube portrays it is.



  • 70% kids
  • 30% mature people

Answer: No.


I feel like if Roblox did make like a 13+ game option for players that have set their account birth dates to over 13, I feel like people whom are under 13 would just create new accounts that deem that they are over the age of 13 so they can play 13+ ROBLOX games.


That being said, most of that 70% of kids is going to play roblox still as they grow up, so that 30% mature people will change to more like 60-70%.


a lot of people already do that, so I can’t really see how that’d make a difference. Sure it’d create a lot of extra accounts just floating around, but I could see roblox coming up with a solution to that mess, as they are the ones making roblox more mature

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Yeah yeah yeah, but still, just to play 13+ games on Roblox could be a bad idea then?

Thing is, there are already mature games on roblox that are popular (Phantom Forces, anyone?). I’m sure with a bit of good advertising and a good concept would make a slightly more mature game succeed.


I definitely see your point. However, I think that roblox, in the future, may put more content restrictions that’ll open up on your 13th birthday

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Agreed. But I don’t understand how’d they do that, when a player could just log out of their account, make a new one that’s over the age of 13, and start playing ROBLOX games. Maybe for a while a player would play on their “over 13 account”, then switch back to their main when it’s over the age of 13?

But I do agree, there should be more mature games on ROBLOX.

Yeah but whilst that 70% grows up, the millions of other kids start becoming old enough to join. It’s not like the current generation of players is the only generation of players. As current players leave due to age, new players join for the same reason. It’s a constant stream of players leaving and joining, what matters is that the amount of players who join isn’t less than the amount of players that leave.


Funny you mention that, I just recently saw an ad about something similar.

Communities like these are full of drama and other stupid stuff. Not good at all.

On a side note I do not believe we need more “mature” games but rather more creative games like building games and such. Sadly these aren’t as popular as we would wish.


Well, the only reason that there are less mature people playing is because there are not many games targeted towards them, this is why I want this kind of feature.


You can thank ROBLOX for killing off building games. Once PBSs where removed the whole building community genre died out.


I’m probably going to sound stupid or ignorant but what is PBS ?

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Adding on to your point, we do need more mature games, but I agree, we need some more creative developers


Personal Build Servers, it was a feature that started out in 2011 but got removed in 2016

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Oh right, I remember those. Yeah these were cool. However there was one extremely popular game called Pilgrim Islands Reborn which did not make use of this feature. Unfortunately when it was struck by the FE update and was closed indefinitely building games haven’t been able to reach the same level of popularity.