Should Roblox add different ways to get verified on Talent Hub?

Verification system
(Some ideas an obligation others are not)

  • Roblox uses Veriff or manual verification for talent hub.


  • Make users that have purchased premium/robux/etc get verified. (like some games on steam)
    -Users that Devex-ed cash. (already used verification)
  • Users that got over 1k visits (not bot players.) (not that good of an idea tbh)
    -Users with 100+ players on their game. (not a good idea too)
  • Users that are 1yr+ must have the ability to be verified be verified (have to be linked with other options of the verifications)
    -Users that own a group with over 1k+/500+ visits. (can be passed by bots, so no)

Roblox should find better and easier ways for developers to find jobs, because they are the main engine Roblox is built on. I don’t like the idea of giving roblox my ID card except if i am gonna Devex or make roblox my actual job.


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I agree with the idea that there should be different ways to get verified. Verification only tells you that the player your hiring is a real person. It doesn’t prevent them from scamming you or from doing a bad job, so some of the options you listed would work the same way verification does.


There is no easy way to differentiate a normal player from a bot in the visits count.


Would they only have to do one of these or all of them? I like the idea overall

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Verification also tells you that the player is 13 or over.

Implementing the suggestions that @Temp_Iates has made doesn’t ensure that the player is 13 or over. Additionally, some of the suggestions could be executed by a human then control of the account passed along to a bot, such as purchasing premium or robux, or accounts that are over 1 year old.


Most likely one of the options.


There can be a separate filter for verified users and 13+. 13+ would obviously have to be done with traditional verification.

A bot can’t develop so I don’t see this as being a big issue in regards to the TalentHub hiring process.


Yes, but that is what you referenced in your initial reply. “Verification only tells you that the player your hiring is a real person”

That is already kind of what the Verified filter does. It shows people who are known to be over 13.

A bot cannot apply for jobs on the TalentHub (at least to my knowledge), so even if a verified user were to do this it won’t really impact anyone.

If an employer wants 13+ developers, they can select a 13+ filter. But there can be a separate verification that lets them know the player is a human (OP’s point).

I think that requiring a person to have devexed cash is dumb. Most people go on the TalentHub to get money, not to help people with the kindness of their heart. If everyone on the TalentHub has devexed cash before, then that means all of them would be pretty successful developers, meaning the TalentHub wouldn’t be very useful, since those developers have a system in place that already works, so if you tried to be commissioned by someone, those people who you want to commission to would already have a system that works well enough that they devexed robux. If someone needs another person to work for them, maybe because one of their developers quit, there wouldn’t be many people on the TalentHub to help them, since they all ready have developers themselves, so there isn’t that big of a reason to have an extra job, that may also be fulltime, like the job you’re doing right now.

If you have devexed some robux, then you should be a trusted / verified member.

But I do agree that the TalentHub should have some restrictions, more so than what we have now.

The best scenario for the Talent Hub would be to remove the “verified” status and ID verification all together. Roblox forgot what it meant for a user to be verified a long time ago, and contrary to what Roblox thinks, “verified” does not mean safe or reliable.

ID verification is an effective measure to ensure a user is real, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the reliability of a developer, which is the way Roblox is using it as. Although I do like some of your suggestions, they won’t work out, for example:

Adds an unnecessary paywall to get access to Talent Hub features. Paying for robux does not immediately make anyone trustworthy.

ID verification has always been required for DevEx; wouldn’t make a difference.

These requirements can help indicate top developers, but will developers who haven’t yet reached these requirements need to be forced to only see verified users?

So let’s say that I make ten alt accounts today, and I never touch them. In one year from now, I would have ten verified accounts…


to be honest, i doubt there’s someone dedicated enough to wait a year to get verified.

also, the point you decided to bring up here is indeed flawed, im not saying it isn’t. there could be an easy work around of this where a player just gets an old alt account of theirs and uses it.

How would Roblox know?

This, I have argued over having the verification icon changed from a shield for this reason alone since it clearly does not show trust for that person.

this could be one of the verification options (i am talking that your user had done one of the ideas, not having to devex cash)

I think this shows that the user is confident in adding their legal information, committed to the platform.

I don’t think all developers agree to giving Roblox their id, considering literally the most popular job site (Freelancer) doesn’t ask people for id verification. I did find some people not liking the idea of id verification so I wanted to make a post that brings more attention. And in the post (Introducing Talent Hub Open Beta - New Platform to Find & Post Work!) people are liking the idea of “Talent Hub” not “ID Verification.” (or certainly not talking about id verification but discussing stuff about talent hub)


I think you can by playtime activity. Not sure if that exists but you can check how many times they clicked / inputed.

Roblox doesn’t track every action users do in every game on their platform; that would be a waste of resources.

Yeah I know. But it is possible, the creator can do it themselves. Just listen for a mouse click or input began and reset a timer or something. If it reaches a certain time, reset or kick them. ROBLOX already has one, but it can be done.

This is an AFK kicker, not a bot detector. There is a major difference between the two.