Should/Are alternative accounts be allowed on the Developer Forum?

I’ll update this topic for more information when discussion and some more information about alternative accounts pop-into my head. :+1:

Ever since I’ve joined the forum and browsed through it from the majority of topics being made, making my own topics and helping out nice people on the forum with scripting and design support for about a year but somehow and however, I face some issues with friends of mine throughout here: alternative accounts that are used for various reason.

Since the beginning of 2020, I’ve browsed and seen many users post and share many creations and features that would be handy but along with that are alternative accounts that are being made to boost stats, bypass the recommended age or in some cases, bans.

I’ll provide some of my concerns and issues on the forum with cases:

Case #1: Bypassing account age.

Most users on the forum who’ve been here for more than a year might know some close issues and problems that relate to this case where a user or more create alternative accounts to sneak into the forum to act like they’re over 13 to probably earn some stuff, read announcements and especially earn something as I don’t do this scheme overall on the forum or anywhere to be honest, it’s downright unfair and bad for users who make alternative accounts for basic stuff.

If I recall, having a “web.roblox” link and using it means your account or “main-account” is <13 and not above the recommended age for the account to join the forum and some users take this advantage and create an alternative account to bypass and say they’re over “13” when in reality, they’re not so they can join in and not follow guidelines and more when joining. This has caused some issues in some categories of users accusing or just getting the alternative suspended.

In some cases, the main account is set to be >13 but they’re not in the real world which makes sense or not?

Case #2: Creating accounts to bypass bans.

It isn’t too common to see this happen for alternative accounts being made to evade bans and I’ve seen this happening countless times in the past for 2 ~ 3 months or so where main accounts are somewhat suspended for a long period of time and creating an alternative account for boosting and to bypass the ban suspension that a/or user has done for asking questions, liking, sharing creations and more overall on the forum itself.

If you’re suspended on the forum, you’re suspended for many reasons and accept defeat, and not accept undefeated achievements.

Flagging does work in most cases, however, with countless people who flag for an unknown reason, it isn’t too helpful when it comes to this case very much at all.

I asked other forum members on other social media websites across the web and some of them said that alternative accounts to bypass age, bans and more is bad or not worth it in some cases on the Developer Forum.

With all the regulations and this going on, however the forum supplies rules for safety measures against alternative accounts being used on the forum for various reason:

This is a clear statement of a rule but if I recall, there isn’t a rule showing and saying that bypassing account age or bypassing a ban and making an alternative account isn’t allowed and prohibited as I’ve checked it today through rules of alt. accounts.

Anyhow, not a lot of users read the rules often and just do a simple technique and get on here to ask about silly or asked before or good questions, creations, hire some developers for a game, and not read the rules overall; this has somewhat made the forum not too well as flagging and asking DET for these solution and resolving work but not all the time with people constantly doing so for this generation of forum members.

That question comes to mind: Should/Are alternative accounts be allowed on the Developer Forum?


You basically posted the answer right there :stuck_out_tongue:

And alternative accounts should not be allowed. They have no purpose unless you just want to snoop and get early access to the forums.

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Regarding users bypassing <13 accounts is it possible for the filter to catch web.roblox links so they can be reviewed by DevEngagementTeam for approval? Kinda like how they do it with Discord server invites.

And @dollychun that doesn’t make it allowed. You just have another account registered. That is like saying stealing is allowed just because it is physically possible to steal.

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It’s not legal to steal, but it’s legal to create another account.

You missed the point, it is meant to be an analogy.

Not allowed, users will be suspended for this.

Probably not allowed.

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So what’s the clear reason? What you are saying is inconsistent.

They currently are, (or were) according to buildthomas, but they’re discouraged. Just don’t like your own posts/whatnot. I don’t think there’s any harm in alts, as long as you’re not abusing them.


Already asked before, please refer to above