Shouldn't Character.PrimaryPart be HumanoidRootPart instead of Head?

It’s odd because the character’s HumanoidRootPart was added prior to the implementation of the model’s PrimaryPart property. I would have thought that the root part would be set as the PrimaryPart of the character and not the head. Changing the PrimaryPart to HumanoidRootPart doesn’t seem to change the character’s behavior, so why would the PrimaryPart be set to head instead of the root part? Shouldn’t it be set to HumanoidRootPart?


PrimaryPart predates the HumanoidRootPart, I don’t know who told you otherwise. While I agree it makes more sense to be HumanoidRootPart there needs to be a consensus for changing it.

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I just ran into this issue.

The PrimaryPart of an R6 character is Head, while the PrimaryPart of an R15 character is HumanoidRootPart.

This should be updated to be consistent throughout all of the character types.

RootAttachment under HumanoidRootPart should also be renamed to RootRigAttachment. I’m sure there are also more inconsistencies with R6 and R15 that are yet to be found.


Wow, I was wondering why my R6 code was acting weird. The problem is that if you change it, a lot of legacy games will break. Roblox is big into compatibility. I think it’s just something we have to deal with.


Old post, but head as primarypart makes genuinely no sense. Can we please get the rootpart as primary by default? It’s really unnecessary to have the annoying boilerplate of having to manually change the primarypart to make things work in the way you would expect them to (The primary part being… the actual primary part, as opposed to the head, which is offset and much, much more mutatable and less indicative of the character). The head as primary part is archiac, and for some reason the decision was made to take a step backwards instead of forwards in this regard. We have had many ‘game breaking’ features that we were given advanced warning of prior to allow us to change our older games to accomodate the change. It would be a very simple change that would help modernize the platform and reduce the headache of working with characters.

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It’s too late to make these changes. A few hundred games would probably break because they assume it’s the head. What I do is just change the PrimaryPart to the HRP when they spawn.

What if Roblox implements a toggle setting where you can use either the Head or the HumanoidRootPart as the PrimaryPart. This way, developers can choose what they want, and they can make it so that already existing games can keep working correctly by defaulting the setting to the head instead.

This only affects R6, Roblox no longer appears to support R6 for new features, etc. so it’s unlikely any change will be made.


not really, solution would just be to push it for newly created places instead of old ones

Please read my above reply, this issue only affects R6 (R15 has the correct PrimaryPart) and it appears as if R6 is no longer being supported for new features and as a result, this likely will not be changed in behaviour. A change like this would also make some toolbox models break.