Show developer product descriptions

When you prompt someone to buy a Developer Product it should show the description of the product. Otherwise unless you code it in I don’t think there’s any way to view the description besides when editing a Dev product.


Yes please. This will make refunding so much better.

Guy: I didn’t know this did that.
Moderator: It says right here in the description “Double experience for two hours”

Guy: He didn’t give me that
Moderator: In the description he says he will… punishment time


Do they actually issue refunds?

Well, they hold earnings for 3 days.

Yeah I agree with this completely.

Anyone know the criteria as to when they actually decide to give refunds? Because the 3-day hold is definitely for the purpose of catching scams and such and giving refunds.

Yeah, and in addition to helping prevent scamming it will add clarity as to what people are buying. A “x2 Experience” dev product could be permanent or temporary, and having that info in the description show when they buy it is a good way to prevent confusion.

I think it has too much text already.
Should only say: Purchase ‘1,000$ Gold’ for 25 Robux?
in big letters.

I know, but I’ve never actually seen or heard of an actual refund being given. The only exception is from a game someone made where he used a glitch to reach the front page and all of his earnings were refunded.

Er, not that I find anything particularly wrong with this, but isn’t the whole point of developer products sort of laissez faire so that developers have more control over them? Aren’t product descriptions something you should be showing in your shop before the player clicks the buy button?


That’s true, but Dev Products also have images that show up when Dev Products are being purchased. Why not have a description too?

There’s a space for an image in the purchase prompt that needs to be filled

No other purchase prompt shows a description as far as I’m aware. It’d be inconsistent having a description show for one but not for all.

I’m okay with this as long as the prompt stays compact if you don’t have a description. Seems like just a convenience feature. Personally I like the freedom of being able to control the pacing when a user purchases one of my products. I don’t think showing them a bunch of redundant text in the prompt is beneficial, but it would be super easy to do on roblox’s end.