Show missing distance BillboardGui properties in the Properties widget

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too tedious to edit BillboardGui properties that do not show in the window. If my issue were to be addressed, I wouldn’t need to use workarounds (e.g. the command bar) to modify these properties.

There are new (?) properties for BillboardGuis that seem to have been silently added. There is only one thread on them and that’s a documentation request, so I didn’t even know about them up until I had to go to the API reference page for clarification on something.

These properties do not seem to be deprecated or locked under any kind of security. A quick test in a live game and in Studio show that they can be written to as well. I feel like I could use these properties to my advantage to better tailor my Guis, but they are hidden and cannot be edited easily.

The following properties are hidden:

  • CurrentDistance
  • DistanceLowerLimit
  • DistanceStep
  • DistanceUpperLimit

Please make these show in the properties widget.


These properties are not currently functional, which is why they are hidden. The change that implements them caused issues and was turned off.