Show off your UI designs

Currently working on a cartoony rock themed UI commissioned by a client!


So for my screen gui I borrowed heavily from Sonic Speedrun, just because I love the color scheme and look, and for my in-game controls I’m using a surface GUI on each player’s station.


Update: I finished the screen, its purpose is to allow players to vote the next gamemode they wanna play.
There are currently two gamemodes, Last Player Standing and First to the Finish.
It is still W.I.P and requires importing.

This looks nice! One suggestion I have is to add a grungy transparent dirt image on-top of the user’s profile picture to give it more of an aethentic feel as that part sticks out a bit from the rest of the UI.

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Daily Rewards frame!


hopefully it’s pretty ok

(If you wish to do it, look at this topic.)


Uploading: 2022-05-27 17-34-23.mp4…

My second main menu I’ve ever made!


It seems empty, other than that, its pretty good.
edit meant to reply to the post above me

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how did you import this into studio with the animations?

finally skate 4 is coming out!!!

For admin panel. Made in studio which is actually works right now. Any feedbacks welcome :wink:


bottom of the screen I have a text that will above when you hover over one of the options.

But yeah, I agree with you it is empty. I don’t know any other things I could potentially add for a horror game menu. I could probably add a glitch effect or afterimages to give the game more of a psychologically thriller vibe.

I just released this a few minutes ago and I’m happy!

It’s a screen prompt. I think it explains what it is.

If you want the model you can get it here!


So, I made a tiny bit of UI, since I kinda want to make a module for use in plugins, kinda want to make a colour palette etc. It’s pretty basic, I know.

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How’d you blur only where the ui is showing?

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ZIndex only moves the object in the ui underneath or ontop of other objects in the ui. It doesn’t control the ui blurring.

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Exactly. The UI is hidden behind an element so it only blurs where you can see.

You can’t just manipulate blurring a specific portion of the screen for only one object. Blur affects the entire screen

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It does? I didn’t know that.