Show off your UI designs

Contrast issue.

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It’s just a concept and the colors aren’t right. It was mostly to test how much I could do with tweening.

Based on an iPhone X with different button placement and a custom Apple logo (Roblox logo with a bite out of it). Yes, I know Rople doesn’t sound that good. : )

Don’t copy pls


Here’s an update on the support items inventory.

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Don’t forget the iconic iPhone X notch.

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the new update added UI gradients!

doesn’t look nice but it demonstrates it ok.


Click here for the release notes.


It isn’t supposed to be a copy but thank you for the suggestion :smiley:

Just finished this! Feedback is appreciated!


Material Design 2.0
Textbox field


The indicator is useless, you can just do something like bold-ing the textlabel.

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That looks epic! Are you going to make a tutorial at some point?

Maybe, it’s just tweening and rippling.

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I was messing around w/ new UI gradient and found a nice way to get away from this issue:

This also makes things like a heartshaped health display possible or even a proper recharge for a powerup animation in a circular (or any) shape


There is a other way to do that without the UI gradient you just need you a frame with clip descants and have one behind and the other on below it


Clips descendants doesn’t work with rounded objects though so that would not work in this case

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You could just set the ImageRectSize property.

You can use ImageRectSize for any shape too.

It’s also not recommended that you update a gradient’s Color or Transparency sequences often as it incurs more performance drag than necessary for such tasks. There are a lot of ways to get around the old issue including clipping descendants for non-rotate UI elements, using image rectangles, or even using the gradient’s offset to move it around instead of editing the Transparency NumberSequence.

Using gradients is an interesting way to solve the problem though, and I’m sure there are a few fun things you could do.

A code input, if you tab it goes to the next one when you delete it goes to the previous one etc.


a welcome gui for a cafe¿ group. this was for a commission