Show place description in the ESC menu

As a player currently it is impossible to read the experience description while in the client.

The experience title and description should be accessible from the menu that opens when you press ESC in the client.

If you were teleported to your current experience, you need to go to your home page on the website and look under your recently played sort to find the experience to view the description.

It’s important to be able to view the description because as Roblox strives to embrace the metaverse model, teleporting between experiences will become increasingly common. An example of this is the experience for RDC that contains portals to game jam games. I cannot view the description of these games when I teleport to them unless I hunt them down on the website, and these descriptions are very important; mentioning controls, events, how to play, or game breaking bugs.

In fact, a lot of games list controls in the description, and it’s super annoying having to flip between the client and the browser to reference them. It would be better if I could find them in the ESC menu without flipping between windows. On mobile IIRC this problem is even worse because you can’t check the details page at all.

Further, if I want to offer teleports in my games to my other games, players who choose to teleport may be disoriented and won’t know what’s going on without the context afforded by the description.