Showcase of my Game

Recently, I have been developing a game called The Investigation, and I would like to hear some feedback on the idea itself, since it is not released, but it is quite close to a demo.
Game description:
You and 11 other fellow prestige detectives have been chosen by the FIB to attend the impossible case of murder mystery. It has been rumored that one of you might be a traitor. As you work together to solve a series of challenging clues and punishing mistakes, you must also uncover the identity of the killer in your midst before it's too late. Will you be able to identify the guilty parties and bring them to justice, or will you become the next victim? The fate of FIB is in your hands
My reason for making this game.
I got bored of rblx, and then I began to think about what kind of game I would like to play myself. So I decided to make a detective game. I have seen many similar games, but none to the extend I want to make my game.
I never really liked the idea of many different UIs on your screen, the plan for this game is to make everything as interactive as possible, and maintain as little UI on the screen as possible.
Features I want to add later on

  1. Generations
  2. Districts
  3. Reputation
  4. Mail system
  5. Highly detail builds
  6. Good graphics
  7. Unique interactive UI
    And many more, please come with ideas if you’re interested.

I bring my community into the development of the game, and let them vote on which features to add, and let them come with suggestions. I use my community to let them do things I have not thought of.

If you want to know more about game/concept, please let me know.


Seems like a good idea, but is this just another Among Us-type game (find an imposter among other detectives)? What’s going to make it different from all of those types of games: Flicker, Murder Mystery, etc.

I’d really like to know!


While I take inspiration for many of those games. I feel like they are very bland to a certain extend, many of those games are filled with people who just stand there doing nothing, and really with no motives. Among Us is similar to my game idea a lot, considering a lot of aspects. But in my game we have a performance based system, meaning you have to do a lot in game to obtain high positions on leaderboards. We also have a reputation system planned, so if the game becomes big enough the matchups could be similar to Light against L (Deathnote).
Short answer
The difference is the levels you can take my game to. My game is more detailed in the Who is it? part of the game, it acts like an actual mystery, and is more parellel to the real world. The more you do correctly, the more money you get. If you die, you don’t get money.

  • Rankings
  • Reputation
  • Performance
  • Reality aspect

Real Organization
The main plot of the game is that everyone is a detective who works for the FIB. The FIB only recruits the best of the best detectives, and the FIB found a murder-case which was too difficult to figure out for just one detective, so they assembled a group of detectives to figure out the case not knowing that one of them is that murder. And he has someone to help him in the shadows.

If this doesn’t fully answer your question, please just throw more at me.

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So the players would just compete in endless rounds of the same murder mystery again and again?
(and shouldn’t the name be FBI?)

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I suppose it is endless to a certain extend, if there’s 12 people. And one gets voted out each round, and one gets killed each round.

I named it FIB more as a joke, like GTA V. It’s a ripoff name.

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Do you have any suggestions on how to compensate for the endless rounds? How to make it not-repetitive? If you think it’ll be too boring for it to be the same for up to 20 minutes. Personally I think it might get boring to play the same way for longer periods of time, but I have no solution to this.

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I personally have no idea.
Maybe have different murder mysteries with different difficulty levels? Maybe different modes (solo, multi-player, etc.)
I think it should come to you at one point, just keep brainstorming and working on it!

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the game type has already been made by many big creators

and the story:

how is the “FIB” fate in your hands when

is your fate on your hands

I feel like the story needs a rewrite


the game type has already been made by many big creators

While that is true, it has never been done in good detail, every single game similar to this on roblox always seem kind of lazy. And too simple, I want to change that with my game.

is your fate on your hands
I feel like the story needs a rewrite

Nah, It’s just that part. It is true that it doesn’t really fit it, considering it’s just a investigation case of murder mystery, and it’s not something that’s going to tear down the FIB if not solved. I’ll leave that part out.

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