Simple Door Manual

This is the manual for the Simple Door product.
You can take it for free right here.

What is Simple Door for?

Simple Door is meant to serve as one model that serves all sorts of purposes. You can use Simple Door for the following:
  • As a game pass door
  • As a staff door
  • As a Roblox Premium only door
  • As a whitelist door
  • As a blacklist door
  • All of the above at the same time

Okay, so I'm looking at this configuration module... and I don't understand any of it.

Because the Simple Door offers so much customization, the configuration module can be a little overwhelming. This guide will help you set it up. The guide will be split into different topics, each going into detail about one specific feature. You can scroll down to find what you want.

Setting up game passes

To set up Simple Door as a game pass only door, open the Settings ModuleScript and go to the Gamepass option (it’s right at the top). Make sure to have your game pass ID ready. You can find this ID in the URL bar when you go to the game pass page on the website.

You can now change the value as follows:

Gamepass = {yourId};

If you want to add multiple game passes, just add a second id next to the first, with a comma in between. Example:

Gamepass = {yourId, yourSecondId};

You can then set the PromptPurchase value to true; or false;, depending on if you want the system to prompt purchase in case the user does not own the required game pass.

Setting up Roblox Premium support

Roblox Premium benefits are a lucrative opportunity for developers. You can quite easily configure your Simple Door to be Roblox Premium only. Open the Settings ModuleScript and go to the PremiumAccess option (it’s right at the top).

PremiumAccess = true;

You can then set the PromptPremium value to true; or false;, depending on if you want the system to prompt purchase Roblox Premium in case the user does not have it.

Setting up whitelists and blacklists

Setting up whitelists and blacklists is quite simple. Just go over to the Whitelist / Blacklist value in the Settings module. Here, enter the usernames of the players you want to whitelist/blacklist. Example:

Whitelist = {'John Doe', 'Jane Doe'};

That code will whitelist users John and Jane Doe. The process for the blacklist is exactly the same.

Setting up group access

Group settings are available in two different modes. There is the normal mode, which allows for one group, and there is advanced mode, which allows you to use as many groups as you want.

Normal Mode

Go over to the GroupWhitelist section in the Settings module.

Enabled = true;
GroupId = 1234;
MinimumRank = 2;
RankTable = false;

Set Enabled to true, and then enter your group id as shown in the example here. If you want to use a rank table, use as follows:
RankTable = {1, 2, 5, 255};
With this example, ranks 1, 2, 5 and 255 can go through the door. When you set a RankTable value, MinimumRank will be ignored.

Advanced Mode

Advanced mode is for users that want multiple groups to be able to access the door. Use as follows:

  • Set the Advanced value to true; to enable Advanced Mode. This means any settings in Normal Mode will be ignored.
  • Enter info in the following format: {groupId, minRank or {rankTable}};

Here are a few examples:

I want users in the group 2521902, and only the owner of group 2973881 to be able to access the door.

AdvancedConfig = {
	{2521902, 1};
	{2973881, {255}};
	-- enter configurations below

Tactic Options

Simple Door has 4 different ‘Tactics’ for dealing with players that aren’t supposed to go through the door. A tactic is selected by entering it’s corresponding number (1 through 4), in the Tactic value in the configuration.

What Each Tactic Does
1: Collision Groups: Players who are not allowed past, cannot walk through the door. Players who are allowed past, can walk through the door.
2: Teleports unauthorized players to the ‘TeleportLocation’ part.
3: Teleports authorized players to the ‘TeleportLocation’ part. To players who do not have access, the door will act as an invisible wall.
4: Respawns players who do not have access. Authorized players can walk through.

Example in the Settings module:

Tactic = 1;

GUI Options

Simple Door has a nice notification that shows up when a player is not authorized to go through. The message that displays can be modified, or removed entirely, using these settings.
GUIEnabled and ThankYouGui decide whether these notifications show. You can then use the other variables to set what text displays.
GamepassContents: Sets the text that is shown when the required game pass is not owned.
PremiumContents: Sets the text that is shown when Roblox Premium is not owned.
GroupContents: Sets the text that is shown when a player does not have a sufficient rank.

Then there’s the ThankYou options, which are notifications that are shown when Premium is purchased or when the required game pass is purchased.
You can use ThankYouGui to turn these notifications on or off, and then you can set the message that displays with ThankYouContents.

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