Simple plugin to align and pan your camera more accurately

This is a really simple plugin I made to help taking precise aligned shots or poses for my “codes otaku cutscene plugin”, but it’s completely independent from it, it can be used for any other kind of use cases or with other plugins!
Activate or deactivate the plugin by clicking on it’s button “Camera Ball”

  • A red ball in the top right that you can hold to pan the camera slowly in the local space.
  • Holding Ctrl or Shift alone will restrict the movement to one of the axes.
  • Holding both Ctrl and Shift will allow you to move forward or backward.
  • A grid will pop up with 2 lines chopping the screen into 4 parts
    And 4 lines chopping the screen into 9 parts, good for aligning stuff. visually and taking aligned camera shots (like in cutscenes).
    Camera Ball Plugin - Roblox

Notice the red ball in the top right and the grid lines, and also the aligned cutscene cameras!

Note that this simple plugin is much more powerful when used with the studio’s selector
Because of the simplicity of the plugin and the clever use of key modifiers, it doesn’t have a plugin dock gui!

This is just a simple helper for my primary plugin:


Awesome! your cutscene plugin is a bit buggy tbh but still its the best in the market.