New Codes Otaku Cutscene Plugin

This plugin is made for any ROBLOX STUDIO developer to suit some if not all your cutscene creation needs.
It comes as a tool to make creating Cutscenes Data relatively easy and intuitive to make with a minimalistic UI design, however you can still make the cutscene data yourself using ROBLOX Parts and Values.
The module is open source for everyone, and it’s embedded into the plugin itself. The module acts as a parser and a player for the cutscene data, feel free to edit the cutscene module if you know what you’re doing, but maybe the plugin won’t support your changes, and also there going to be several new updates, features and possibly changes in the structure of data.
However, I don’t think that you need to change the API, because it’s already rich with several properties, functions and events. You have access to all of them even the ones that are used internally, even though it can impose the risk of breaking the system. So… use them carefully. In the other hand functions are relatively safe to call at any point.


Plugin Link:

If you need an extra feature or found a bug. Make sure to contact me :sweat_smile:


Here is discord server :slight_smile:

This. Plugin. Is. Amazing! Nice job on it, I really like how it’s set up!


Thank you so much for the support :slight_smile:


New independent camera movement plugin to support this one!

it can also help with unlocking the camera when stuck!

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