Simple SCP Build

Hello everyone! I made a quick SCP build to add to my portfolio. I would like some feedbacks on what more I can add and improve on.

My Portfolio


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Hey, Dude. It looks not bad at all, this light really fits this, but I don’t know, but I think needs a bit more details as posters ( propaganda ) on the walls, maybe some trash on the floor, or I don’t know really. But, It’s still looking good. Keep going!


You should add some more details on the walls, other than that it’s pretty cool.

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I would totally love to bring this to life with some scripts.


This is a well-designed build. However, it’s important to make the entire scene look equally interesting.

This particular section seems rather bland when I cut it out of the surroundings, doesn’t it? Especially the corners on the ceiling. If you could make this look more interesting, it could go a long way.

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