Simple Scripts For Beginners


- Monetizing

DevProduct Scripts

Gamepass ScriptsUpdated Using the new Functions from the new “Gamepass Update” (Read More)

I do NOT guarantee that the Gamepass Script will work because the New Update is Broken

Both Includes:
Touching / Clicking A Part & Clicking a Gui Button to Prompt Purchase
What Happens after an item has been purchased

- Misc

Disable Player Collision Script – Anti Player Collision Using Collision Group

- Lessons

A Lesson About Tables

This should help you understand how Tables work by using print() and you reading the output

(Maybe also a little bit of OOP, Dictionaries, Arrays, Mix Tables) – I just like to call them all Tables to avoid me being confused.

- Filtering Enabled (FE)

With FE on it will create some Advantages and also Compromises but it’s for the best.

If you don't know how FE works you can read this Section

Basically there is

  • Server
  • Clients

When something changes on the Server it will Replicate to ALL Clients

When something changes on a Client it will NOT Replicate to the Server and Other Clients

Which is why you would want to use a RemoteEvent or RemoteFunction (Wiki)

Think of it as Calling a Function on the Server from the Client & vice versa

Things to remember; (Tips)

  • FE is not Exploit proof - It just means the Exploiter can only do stuff “Client Side”

  • NEVER ever ever ever trust the Client, Always check BOTH on the Server & Client

  • You can use 1 RemoteEvent & 1 RemoteFunction for the Entire Game and Store functions inside a script instead it takes less memory to store Scripts than to store Instances

  • With FE on, the Server CANNOT access some Client stuff (PlayerGui,ReplicatedFirst) and Clients CANNOT access ServerScriptService & ServerStorage

  • When working on Guis you will need to use a LocalScript NOT a Script

Do non important stuff Client Side so that it does not bother the Server, For Example

  • Particle Emitters (PE) can be Stored & Enabled on the Client Side, because the Server does not need to see the Effects just show it to the Clients.(For some PE putting it on the Server can be exceptional)

  • Render Some Physics on the Client, such as Pets, or Rotating Coins (Anything moving that belongs to or seen by the Player, and not relevant to the Server)

  • Teleporting a Player with a LocalScript instead of Using a Script

In other words ONLY use a Script for Very Important things like Trading, Buying an Item, Building a House, Gamepass Handling, Devproduct Handling, doing Damage (ETC), most of the other stuff can be done ClientSide with a LocalScript. (A LocalScript can do 99% of what a Script can do, it’s just NOT Replicated)

I made a few scripts and uploaded them as a model for people to take, when I started scripting (1 Year Ago) I wished I had these but they didn’t existed so I decided to do it myself and then share it.


If you have any suggestions let me know, there is always room for improvement :+1:t2:

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Any tips you can give on filtering enabled?


Good Question, I’ll edit the post above :+1:t2: