Game Development Resources [MEGA THREAD]

Greetings fellow Game Developers, today I want to share with you my favorite Youtube Channels that helped me significantly with Game Development not just Roblox but Games in general, these Channels helped me understand what makes a “Great” Game and helps with making that Game Dev process a lot easier, I would also like to share some Plugins that helps make my life a lot easier and also some DevForum Threads!

This is most likely to benefit New Developers but I believe that even the Masters themselves are still learning something new everyday.

I would also like to note that I’m a Scripter so most of this stuff is gonna be useful to "Scripters"


Deletes unwanted scripts from free models (aka Virus)

Helps with UI Design, you can Drag & Scale your Gui Instances

SurfaceGui Scaling Plugin

Edits Tool Grip Position

Helps with Editing Light Instances in Studio

Importing stuff from the Catalog into Studio

Converts Gui Instances to another Class (So you might have a TextLabel but want a TextButton this will handle that for you)

Use CollectionService with no Scripts

Useful if you want to know how many lines of Code + ScriptBase Instances your game has

Useful if you want to know how many lines of Parts, Instances & Voxels your game has

Youtube Channels

This Channel is amazing it helps me a lot with UX design

This channel is about Game Development and Finishing a game
Game Dev Underground

This is a playlist about the History of Games
Crash Course Games - PlayList

Ask Gamedev


Game Soup Analysis

Snoman Gaming

Mark Brown

Design Doc

The Game Theorists

This playlist made me understood Lua and RBLXLua a lot better
Learning Lua - Playlist

Roblox Related


PeasFactory Amazing Channel but most things are outdated but still good








  • By Roblox

RDC 2018 - San Francisco - Playlist

Roblox University - Playlist

Intro To Studio - Playlist

Intro to Scripting - Playlist

Joints - Playlist

Building Bonus - Playlist

Terrain - Playlist

How To - Playlist

Bonus Scripts

If I didn’t listed your favorite Channel or Plugin please don’t be offended. Feel free to share yours

DevForum Threads

Getting Your Game To Front Page :star_struck:

Why your Game is NOT on Front Page (It is a bit Dramatic not gonna lie but the OP sums it up nicely so focus on that instead, you don’t have to read the Replies.)

What makes a Game Front Page?

Guides / Tutorials

Guide to Scripting Bots | Javascript Tutorial

UI Design Starter Guide

A Guide to User Interface Design

Beginner’s Guide to AI

How to make basic admin commands

Basic Programming

Kurdiez Scripting #1 : Variables

Kurdiez Scripting #2 : Functions, Scopes, Code Duplication, Dependency, Invariance

The Basics Of Basic Optimization

Advance Programming

How to think about CFrames

All about Object Oriented Programming

Kurdiez Scripting #3: Object Oriented Programming

Kurdiez Scripting #4: Object Oriented Programming in Lua

Kurdiez Scripting #5: Uni-directional data flow

Efficiency thread

Details On DataStore For Advanced Devs



Making a combat game with ranged weapons? FastCast may be the module for you!

Simple Datastore Handler Tutorial

Custom character controller

Soft Shutdown Script

Using GameAnalytics (Retention and Monetisation) (Ez mode)

Game Design

Creating Unique Game Ideas

Psychology of Feedback Loops and How to Make Them!

Game Development

How to actually finish a game?

Roblox Studio Hotkey Sheet

Planning a Game and Implementing Features

Save for Roblox - Please, Optimize Your PNGs!

About Exploits (Preventing & Understanding)

Exploiting Explained

Group Management

Automatically remove bot posts on your group wall


The Economic Guide to Profitable Game Advertising

Using the Roblox Advertising System


Common Developers’ Grammatical Errors

Hope you find this Thread helpful. :grin:

Very important Tip;
If you don’t want to loose your work you MUST Always save your game Offline before Play Testing and Publishing, Roblox Studio will Crash or not Respond very often so DO NOT Trust Roblox!

As I gave the Titile “[MEGA THREAD]”, I do plan on adding more stuff to this.

If you have any Suggestions or something I should Add and/or Change please let me know, I want this thread to be as perfect as it can be.

I decided to make this thread because I told myself I want to do something useful today so I acted.

Rate this based on how useful you think it is! (Yes, I stole this from TechSpectrum)

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I should probably update this thread soon


How about Roblox Developer Academy, made by @ChipioIndustries .


I know this ia bit specific; but do you have any resources for learning mathy stuff for stuff like custom cameras? I need to start learning more complicated stuff.


Sorry, I’m not good with math so I don’t seek for resources for learning about math :{, would appreciate resources tho so I can add it to the thread.


what about my Channel. ik its small with just 5K but atleast alvinblox finds me usefull for helping with some of his content


I recommend the SpooksHD channel, but like you said PeasFactory is just amazing. (I also love how he’s into like the best game ever, TF2)


I see almost all of the tutorials I wrote except my Web Development introduction guide. Cool.


He’s still updating them lol. Updated today with one of my resources.


I kinda already did included it.

No need to be ashamed of Self promotion.:joy:


Nah not ashamed lol. I was agreeing with you saying that he was amazing, his tutorials are easy and very clear. (but like you already said, some are outdated)


Made a small module with some functions to help speed up coding.


Usage so far:

Changes the selected property on MouseEnter and changes it back automatically on MouseLeave

Expedite.ChangePropertyOnHover(Object, "Property", NewValue)

Make’s the UI draggable


Sorry for opening a very old post, but I think you should include the youtuber TheDevKing. His Channel:

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I found this very very very very very (ok ill stop) useful in learning game development. Although I don’t really build or script much due to very harsh criticism, I found this a good way to sort of, connect with my team, to know what is possible and what isn’t - we all know that nothing is impossible.

Thanks for creating this!

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I would actually suggest looking into camera manipulation!

I would actually recommend CKStudio+ for beginner game development, mostly scripting. It’s a plugin !

I really suggest this tween service editor for people who are like me and have no knowledge of tween service.

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How often is this updated?
Thanks for this. Happy Birthday!

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This is a pretty good thread that helps out developers! Thank you for the thread with all these helpful resources linked!

Also, happy birthday! :birthday:

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This is how to derive a FM/AM wave. Useful when for example making the camera bob up and down.

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Hello @RuizuKun_Dev

I was going through the comments of one of the plugins, that you recommended it [Plugin].

I saw that you commented this:
[Screenshot link]

so do you still recommend it?