SimpleAdmin | A modern administration utility for your game!

I- wow, just easily script a couple of lines of functions in Basic Admin MainModule and it automatically does it from the start, not hard I guess.

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I’m not a lua scripter, I don’t have the slightest clue.


This is fantastic! I really like the modern type of admin, I also like the commands too, really good for the Roblox community.

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Update 1.5.0 Alpha

! Fixed ':commandinfo' not working on commands with no preset category
! Fixed randomly flying when testing
! Warnings are now filtered

+ Added queued music system
+ PlaySound (:play)
+ StopSound (:stop)
+ SkipSound (:skip)
+ PauseSound (:pause)
+ ResumeSound (:resume)
+ SetPitch (:setpitch <pitch>)

Is there a way that you can set a playlist in the main module, so an admin doesn’t have to be on for music to start. Other than that, this is amazing!

Leave a suggestion on our nolt page and I will take a look at it for the next update!

You can view it here:


Really cool, can you make a custom keybind system for the cmdbar, like changing the button for opening it

We currently don’t have a command bar. It’s a commonly requested feature and will likely be implemented in the near future.

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Hey! We just released SimpleAdmin Pro, a way for you to manage your game from our external API and from Discord.

Check it out here!


Update 1.6.0 Alpha

+ Added 'PlayerData' command
+ Added 'AddStat' command (adds a leaderstat)
+ Added 'UnCrowd' command (pushes people away from you)
+ Added 'RemoveHats' command
+ Added 'PlayerChatLogs' command (shows chatlogs for certain player) ('playerchatlogs', 'pclogs', 'pchatlogs')
+ Added 'PlayerLogs' command (shows admin logs for certain player) ('playerlogs', 'plogs')
+ Added 'HandTo' command (hands whatever tool you're holding to target)
+ Added PlayerWrapper.Created
+ Added SetText method to Text UI class

- Removed AntiNameSpoofing (Roblox patched it themselves)

! Fixed some processor issues
! Fixed ServerLock

Update 1.7.0 Alpha

! Fixed ping not showing accurately
! :Ban now server bans - to ban permanently, use :pban.
! Limited logs to 500 queries - additional queries will be sliced.
! Added default radius (15) to :crowd

+ Search button is now functional
+ Added UI resizing
+ Added :groupban / :ungroupban / :groupbans
+ Added :pban

- Removed pascal converter

Sorry for the long wait on this one! I’ve been messed up trying to fix my sleep schedule and try not to code when I’m tired because when I do, things end up breaking… Regardless, it’s here! This update also took a little bit of extra time because it involved some changes to the way the UI kit works and I wanted to make sure I planned everything out before I did it. This update was almost entirely community-suggested and I would like to keep doing updates like this. We have some stuff planned for SimpleAdmin Pro very soon as well… :)))

As always, if you notice any bugs, please let me know!

Thank you and have a good evening,


A better way to get revenue is to ask for donations like HD Admin. Simpleadmin Pro is not really worth it in my opinion. It would be better if everything was free and I bet you would get a lot more revenue in the long run.

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I would read these two posts in the SimpleAdmin Pro topic.

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Are you able to have certain group ranks/roles in groups have admin? If so, please tell me how.
Also, are you able to let people buy a gamepass for admin?

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There are packages for these in the Discord server.

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This is great! It’s very simple and User Friendly! I’m using this in my current game because my other Admin panel isn’t working. Who knows, maybe even after my other admin panel starts working, I’ll still use this one!

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Here are 2 suggestions that I suggest that you could add:

Add customizable keybinds

This is where you can click a key and the admin panel shows up. You can change your keybind in fun. It’s more efficient than clicking on the panel.

A ban message in chat.

Once someone gets banned in the server, it will say this: {Username} has been RAC banned. This would be a great feature because people in the chat won’t know if someone is banned or not.

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Update 1.7.4 Alpha

! Fixed some UI resizing
! Clipboard Logs should now function normally.

+ You can now unmod people that aren't in-game.
+ Added :crowd [radius] (Brings all players to you and puts them [radius] studs away from you.)
+ Added feedback hint to :unadmin
+ Added feedback hint to :mod,:tempmod,:admin,:owner
+ Added Service.BindToPlayerAdded
+ Added ability to pass UserId to Service.SetPermissionLevel
+ Added :internallogs
+ Text containers now auto-scale to text bounds.
+ You can now run commands on selected players by separating them by comma. (:kill me,alice,ulferno)

Thought I would just release all of these updates now because the dashboard is taking a while to finish. Let me know if there are any bugs, which there very well might be. I did my best to test everything but cannot guarantee everything will work perfectly. It is now 4am, I cannot see straight, and parts of this update took painstakingly wrong. Goodnight!



Great update once again!

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I really like this admin, its easy to setup and use! I also like the different packages so you can choose which settings and commands you want to use.

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