SimpleWeather Plugin

So, as you all know, I’m known for a plugin called SimpleWeather, which uses API data to decode JSON code to get accurate 24/7 weather data to make your game synced to real world weather in your game.
I’ve made a showcase of the game depending on when you join it may be cloudy, thunder, rain, snow, etc…

Original/Instructions Post: SimpleWeather Plugin(Update!)

If the game gets to 1000 visits by September 29th I’ll add Hurricanes, and Tornados next.
Showcase: SimpleWeather(Showcase) - Roblox


There was a new link that replaced the old showcase since that one didn’t have the new update, in the new game. Let’s get those visits for the 1k Robux giveaway.

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Much cool. Can I use it for my game?

Yes, it is free, and feel free to give credit if you’d like.