Simplynotifiied v1 | the simplest and cleanest animated notification module on roblox


simplynotifiied is the simplest and cleanest of notification modules. It can be used to alert players of anything, really. pick through a custom selection of usable images, or use your own. There are sounds pre-installed, however, you can use your own if you wish. This system is also completely spam-proof!

Link to Module
Note: you can’t require the module from its AssetId.

Note that this is a third-party OneDrive link.

The world I used to test this module
NotificationModule workplace nbt.rbxl (50.8 KB)

It’s a good idea to read to the end, to fully understand this. You’re free to clarify in the comments as well.


  1. you know the drill, put the ‘simplynotifiied.’ module anywhere
    inside ReplicatedStorage.
  2. done.


simplynotifiied.notify(player, notifMessage, messageType, icon, sound)

looks complicated, huh? let’s break it down.

player is just your standard player instance. simply make this game.Players.LocalPlayer, in a LocalScript.

notifMessage should be a string, this is going to be the message that pops up in the notification, for example, "test notification"

messageType is which type of notification you want to display. this also should be a string. there are two types of notifications currently implemented in simplynotifiied, "corner", and "banner".
Corner Showcase!Auz1-GxC3wQCgdkB9jbT0-H4tHJ09g?e=m8AzyI
Note that this is a third-party OneDrive link.

Banner Showcase!Auz1-GxC3wQCgdkC-Kc5zxWX1agkog?e=rgcsEa
Note that this is a third-party OneDrive link.

icon is kinda obvious, but here goes:
icon is which kind of icon you want to add onto the notification. there are currently 5 images currrently implemented in simplynotifiied, although your own can be added, by putting the imageID, where icon should be. The icon selection is as following. warning, info, clock, plus, or errormsg. for example to use the warning icon, you would just do something simple as this:"warning" or for the imageID, you would do something as simple as or rbxassetid://7764816238.

sound is a simple true/false variable. true if you want sound, and false, if you don’t want sound. easy as that!

Example of usage in a LocalScript

local simplynotifiied = require(game.ReplicatedStorage["simplynotifiied."])
	simplynotifiied.notify(game.Players.LocalPlayer, "test notification", "corner", "warning", true)

Other Settings
There is a “Settings” folder located inside the module, which, at preset, has one setting implemented in it thus far. This setting is named “Time Before Fading”, and changing the value will allow for the Notifications to wait longer until they disappear.

sorry if i made the two braincell squad mad with my poor documentation. it’s my first time even ever making a module, let alone documentation.

have a nice day guys :slight_smile:
Peace, Blackxfiied.

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Well done, thank you for sharing.


Good one, but…

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Is this server-wide, because I want to use it in a script


I am having the issue in the screenshot where the back frame is smaller than the Icon, what am I doing wrong?



A sent notification should go under the latest one, not above the oldest. The text should have a fixed size. Some animations could be faster.

P.S. Gui doesn’t become clean just because it has rounded corners.

If you use server-wide, it will simply print ‘not implemented yet.’ I haven’t had the time to create it for server-wide use.

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Yikes! It appears that the error is within a module which I did not create. I’ll look into that shortly.

Update: I don’t know why that’s happening still

Update2: chances are it’s because someone is using mobile. I have to rely on te roblox-created MouseEnter and MouseLeave, which are more unreliable than the module I’m using.
I have found a workaround in my development of simplynotifiiedv2, which I will complete within 2 months maximum.

The problem should now be fixed.
I will obsolete version one soon, I’m going to begin version two of simplynotifiied

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simplynotifiied v2 is under development!

Try using the AutomaticSize property, its super useful (for this I would do AutoSize Y because it could go offscreen)


I am considering using this module in our game as I absolutely love it. I have one question, however: is it possible to modify where the notification goes? I have a health bar exactly where the corner notification comes, so is it possible to reposition it to have all notifications on top of it?

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Wait hold on, you made both aero loading screen and the hybridcam? I’ve stumbled across these twice, without knowing it came from the same creator and I’m currently using aero loading screen in my game, as I found out about it wayy earlier today.

It’s really flexible and same for hybridcam, I’ve used it in the past. Now you’re introducing a new module, thank you! I’m definitely going to use this!


not at the moment. I’m currently rearranging simplynotifiied in order to make it less clunky and work better.

thank you so much, man. I got your DM and will fix aero accordingly.


OK, please also add the ability to customize it even further (transparency, ect) if you have time

Progress is good so far, light and dark mode has been implemented, but i don’t want to add too many arguments if u get what i mean

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Update on simplynotifiiedv2: reached line 500 of code!

Ok, most people including me though probably don’t care about the number of args if it lets you tweak it a ton

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v2 is out😁

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