Simplynotifiiedv2 ● a clean, flexible notification module


what is simplynotifiied?
Simplynotifiied (stylized simplynotifiied) is a highly customizable animated game notification system, with a plethora of features. It improves on a plethora of bugs found in simplynotifiiedv1, while utilizing smarter code. It’s used to notify players of a game of basically anything, with customisable and premade notification icons and sounds, while being smoothly animated.

link to stable channel of module.

stable channel RBXM file
simplynotifiiedv2.03a.rbxm (23.4 KB)

Link to pre-release channel of module [NOT RECOMMENDED]


  1. you know the drill, put the ‘simplynotifiied.’ module anywhere
    inside ReplicatedStorage.
  2. done!


module.notify(player, message, msgtype, icon, sound, mode)

let’s break this down.

player - player
player refers to your standard player instance. (y’know, game.Players.LocalPlayer?)

message - string
message is the string of what you want the actual message display to say. (e.g. "test notification")

msgtype - string
at the moment, there are two msgtypes in simplynotifiied.

  1. "corner", which is the one that appears in the bottom left.
  2. "banner", which is the one that appears at the top of your screen.

icon - string or number
you can either choose from the premade icon library, which has 5 preset icons:

  • warning
  • info
  • clock
  • plus
  • errormsg

…or you can import your own, like this: (using assetId 8450577460 as an example):

  • 8450577460
  • ""
  • "rbxassetid://8450577460"

sound - string or number
you can simply do true or false for this one, and it will play a premade sound according to the icon, if set to one of the 5 icon presets. Otherwise, you will need to specify the soundId in the same way you do for the icons.

mode - string
pretty self-explanatory.
"light" or "lite" for light mode,
"dark" for dark mode.

other settings - boolean
inside the explorer folder “simplynotifiiedv2.config” there are 3 settings:

  • cnrGridPositionStartsFrom
  • fullscreenAllowed
  • time
    all of the things the above settings do are listed inside of the ‘information’ script childed to all of them.

example of test notification

		"test message",


note that this is a third-party OneDrive link.
mind the poor quality, it was recorded in the frame of roblox studio.


note that this is a third-party OneDrive link.
mind the poor quality, it was recorded in the frame of Roblox studio.

some features are not implemented yet, and blur is still semi-buggy and in development. i know, and am working to fix this asap.

feel free to leave feedback in the comments, including what I should add next.

yall just make my day❤️

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this is great! the improvement from v1 to v2 is immense and looks fantastic. Now like asked before, is it possible to do this server wide? or is that not implemented yet?


still not implemented sadly. i wanted to do it but i really burnt myself out remaking the code from the ground up.
it’ll definitely be done in this version but idk when becuase i have school again

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Do you have screenshots of this module?

the videos literally show yoy how the module works :skull:


quick serverwide notification code that i made in my spare time (it’s quite easy)

local notify = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")["simplynotifiiedv2[pre-release]"])

	for i,v in pairs(game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayers()) do
			"i like dogs",
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I was just looking for a screenshot of what it looks like. Thanks.

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I think you might want to fix the text going off screen, and you might want to fix how there is alot of errors being sent constantly

About that.
I’m no longer an active developer on ROBLOX, so all of my promised fixes are very likely to not be added
Sorry for any inconvenience.
As for the errors, if you look in my code you’d be able to see what sort of actual cryptic mess it is.

In the future I may – and take this with a grain of salt – may remaster and improve the code in order to make it actually readable and more functional

peace, blackxfiied

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Active TextScaled, it should fix the text going off screen

Hi, as a now aspiring c# and py programmer, I’ve looked back on this code and realised that I’ve broken so many style conventions that I just HAVE to make simplynotifiied v3

coming soon!!!1

I figured out how to do this in soon-to-be notifiiedv3

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i have rewritten V1 to add custom colors and a backround service for Tweening, so a delay in a script is not needed anymore while calling the module.
Repo can be found here: GitHub - Coaxgames/NotifyModuleV1-Reworked: The repo is for SimplynotifiedV1 remake. Cechk readme for details

Can i Maintain V1 on github Also taking on support for V1 via Github?
i don’t have plans on changing V2, but if V1 is abandoned i would like to continue developing V1, i’m already working on an update system for Notify V1 as well so anyone can update Notify from studio if Updates are enabled, during game and Via a Plugin that updates it manually in studio.

go for it
i did finish v3 back in february but never uploaded it, might do that soon

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v3 is out!

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