Singleplayer "server is full" bug?

My game Super Nostalgia Zone’s main menu is singleplayer, and so it’s supposed to generate one server per player.
However, I’ve been receiving reports from some users that they can’t join the game because their server is “full”, even though it should just be creating a new server for them each time they join.

What might be going on here?
Here’s a link to the game:


The user is probably in an active party with 1 or more people. Parties try to join a game with enough space for everyone to join, and since your game is limited to 1 player per server, it can’t find a server to join. This is also why you should push that 5 players per server thing :wink:

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I did try at one point, but I was scared away when I received reports that some people were getting hats for free randomly.
I think I know why it’s happening though, and I should be able to fix it.

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Sounds good, but I do think that Roblox should change the error message to something party related like “Cannot join server - max players is/are 1 and party has 3 players” for good UX.

Alright, this issue shouldn’t be relevant to me anymore since I’ve switched over to having servers with more than 1 player.

I still think Roblox should investigate this though.

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This was reported a while ago

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Bingo, that would explain it.

But it’s a half year later and it’s still not even been seen by roblox.
It’s pretty frustrating to say the least.

Supressing playercount on universe games.

Also, don’t think you shouldn’t mark it as ‘solved’ when it’s just worked around.