Siro | Artist / GFX Designer

About me

I’m Siro. I’ve been a graphic designer/artist on this platform for a while. Thats about it.


You can view various pieces of my work here : sirosart User Profile | DeviantArt (updated when I make new work)

And some other pieces here :


Commission sheet courtesy of @HazSun

You can DM me here on the DevForum
You can DM me on Discord : ryan.#0002
You can DM me on Twitter : @siros_art

if ya wanna just support me you can follow me on twitter :slight_smile:


The quality of the renders Siro provides is massive in comparison to his prices, I recommend him!


Highly recommend Siro!! Spectacular artist and have worked with him in the past. Professional and hardworking.


Definitely would recommend. For the sake of the minimum character limit, I’ll say it again. Definitely would recommend.

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I’ve seen your work on twitter and i got to say who ever is looking for a designer i. Would hire him!

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Your work is wonderful! I haven’t ordered from you but in the future I’ll definitely consider it, especially as my game gets closer to completion. Great work so far, good luck out there :slightly_smiling_face:


I really enjoyed your work, it’s really beautiful!

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Siro is an amazing artist who delivers what is asked from him, and the art you get is always high quality.


I’m available for commissions again!
Summer has started for me so I have time once again!
I’ve also updated my Deviantart with new pieces that I’ve made.

Another bump :grimacing:

Added in some robux prices incase anyone REALLY wants to buy with robux!

Updated the prices as well as opened my commissions for the Christmas holidays!
DM me to order!

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Amazing artist would definitely recommend and is a steal for the price!

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Words cannot describe his work, it’s UNIQUE, is just astonishing how great his work is, not commissioning such a nice, hard-working, and talented individual would be a mistake, his art can draw eyes, and it would be perfect for any game if you are in the middle of whether to commission him or not to commission him, hopefully, I can be a push into commissioning him. :smile:

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Sent a request on Discord (0929lego#3214). Nice work!

Did you actually make this?

Jesus christ.

Outstanding work.


If thats the actual work, those prices are SUPER cheap!


Due to the closure of schools, I am able to re-open my commissions.
Contact details are above ,

If you’d like to support my work , feel free to RT this post :

apologies if I haven’t been responsive for the last couple weeks, been busy.

Just curious, do you take USD as payment?

i would but itd b p expensive since itd be equivalent of my current prices in USD ( following devex rates)

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Commissioned Siro for 8 pieces of game art this past month (2 thumbnails, 2 icons, 4 ads). His work is incredible and appealing and he’s super easy to work with; very responsive and open to trying different styles that fit what you ask for, on top of getting things done fast.

Very much recommended, he’s pretty much perfect for any assets you might need in terms of gfx! :slightly_smiling_face: