Site Bug : Inventory/Avatar Bug and 400 Error

Currently there is NO assets AT ALL showing up on my avatar or my inventory (Every category, accessories, shirts, pants etc…), and when I attempt to go to my profile I get a 400 error and a bad request.

This bug is currently happening every time I try to go to my avatar and doesn’t seem to be happening to everybody.

(Yes I have bough and made MANY shirts and pants)

This bug just started when I logged on this morning.

I can’t reproduce this but I did notice that most of the thumbnail images have finally showed up, all but one that still shows pending. Perhaps this is part of the process in fixing the thumbnails? Or a side effect from it?

Previously these were ALL pending for about 2+ weeks.

The bug has just fixed, like literally within the minute, I have no idea what fixed it or why this has happened which is why I have posted this. But I can tell you the bug is no longer happening to me.


Might have just been your internet or a server problem. Really was no need to rush post and label it MAJOR if it went away within less than 10 min, these kind of things happen.

This has been happening on and off all day today, with pretty much everything on the site. Every time I clicked on a game it threw a 400 error and none of my decals were showing or even appearing with text.


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