Size issue with the new playerlist

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard for mobile players and people with smaller screens to view the playerlist and still play the game. This is additionally burdensome to developers that heavily rely on leaderboard stats, like simulators and RPGs, which shows the stats of the specific player.

Please understand I’m not complaining about the appeal/appearance of it, but more of the ability to use it without it inhibiting excessive gameplay unlike the previous version. I feel like this one is forcing players to use a 1080p (or above) resolution.

Please post screenshots of how this is inhibiting you and games you see are being heavily affected by this, but keep it civilized.


On a 720p screen the player list takes up a huge amount of space (with just one player, it’s fatter than the top bar), and takes up a gameplay-detrimental amount of space if you try to interact with it at all.

Many older laptops are 720p.


On my 1440p monitor it’s so big.

I’m usually totally on board with new UI stuff, but this is form over function. It’d be much appreciated either if it switched back to the old sizing or gave us an option to scale it up and down.


What do you mean… there is nothing wrong with the new playerlist UI…

just thought to tag this along, in studio, on large screens… this isn’t ok :confused:


Here I’ve quickly and dirtily modified the CoreGui to be smaller, this is much better for function while keeping the new look. I’m sure the engineers can do a better job but this is already much more appropriate.

(also holy cow the coregui is terrible, no wonder these UI updates take forever :stuck_out_tongue:)


Edit: This feature is for beta users only - perfect!

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Can you please post what you modified to make it smaller even if it’s only temporary?

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Just going into Studio and manually making it smaller in the CoreGui :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a perfect size for it. I also don’t really think we need the Examine Avatar button under the playerlist as it’s available in the Escape menu. Unless they want us to be able to use SetCore and add buttons to it like AvatarContextMenu.


Roblox has reverted the change for now to fix the current known issues

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