Size Model via Script

Im getting the Model Size with GetExtentsSize(), i tried to make script.Parent:GetExtentsSize() *= 2 but that would not work. I cant size all of the Parts inside the Model via pairs because it wouldnt go to the right Position. How could i multiply the Models Size?

Theres a free plugin that you can learn from it’s code

What do u mean by that, do u mean i should learn to code or which Plugin do u mean

I found a forum topic about resizing models. Maybe this could help? Help with resizing a model

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The answer in this Post is not working and will mess up a Map

local function Scale(model : Instance, scl : Number)
	local primary = model.PrimaryPart
	local primaryCf = primary.CFrame
	for _, v in next, model:GetDescendants() do
		if if v.ClassName == "BasePart" then
			v.Size = (v.Size * scl)
			if (v ~= primary) then
				v.CFrame = (primaryCf + (primaryCf:inverse() * v.Position * scl))
	return model

local model = game.Workspace.Model
Scale(model, 5) -->> +5 (X + 5, Y + 5, Z + 5)

Yeah i used that but this will not work this messes up the Positions