Size of memorie in a server

We all know that the Roblox platform has a limit of space or memory that the server allows. I imagine that when it reaches the limit it closes, as I have seen in several topics that show that problem that, due to the lack of optimization, many variables or many tables pass. So now I have the question,
What factors happen there for that memory to go up:
Does it also count server players?

I wonder, what is that memory limit? or how it works.

If I make a table with a 460000 bytes
and others that reach a maximum of 100,000 bytes among others, apart from the fact that the server will have a maximum of 50 players, could it reach the limit?

According to another dev forum post, the limit is 6.25 GB for a single Roblox server. For 50 players, each can use a maximum 125 megabytes.

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