SizePosScaler Module

Hi, some of you might know my plugin AutoScale.

Well, I’ve decided to release a module for you guys to do the functions of the plugin through a script :stuck_out_tongue:

The plugin allows you to easily change size/position of a gui object to scale/offset

Module Documentation

ToOffsetPos(guiobject) -- converts poition to offset
ToScalePos(guiobject) -- converts position to scale
ToScaleSize(guiobject) -- converts size to scale
ToOffsetSize(guiobject) -- converts size to offset


-- this example doesnt make sense hm
local SizePosScalerModule = require(script.SizePosScaler)

   SizePosScalerModule:ToScaleSize(guiobject here lmao)

Get the module here!


Wow, finally I don’t need to use the plugin anymore!

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This is much appreciated, thank you!

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