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Welcome to SizzleBurger!

What is SizzleBurger?

Here at SizzleBurger, we offer the best burgers and shakes in all of Robloxia! You can visit our restaurant for a bite to eat, or become a worker and help us feed all of our hungry customers! For over five years, we have been grilling up tons of fun, and you can too! Join our growing community today to make new friends!

SizzleBurger was founded by SIlverAuthority on January 3rd, 2014.

SizzleBurger Group

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At SizzleBurger, we strive to provide a safe and fun environment for our community. In order to do this, we have certain rules you must follow.

Rules for Everyone:

  • Respect everyone.

  • Follow the ROBLOX rules and guidelines.

  • You will be held responsible for everything you do. Think before you do something.

  • If you leave the group, you cannot receive your previous rank back if you rejoin.

  • All game pass and developer product purchases are final. There are no refunds.

Rules for Staff:

  • Always use grammar when working at the SizzleBurger restaurant.
  • Stay professional, mature and polite to customers.
  • Always display a positive attitude when working.
  • Do not cheat the point system when working. If caught, you will be fired.
  • If you are a chef, do not cut the line in the kitchen to claim orders. If caught, you will be fired.
  • Stacking burger ingredients while preparing items more than the specified amount is not allowed and can result in a warning and then termination.
  • Customer satisfaction is important. The customer may not always be right, but they should always leave happy so they can return in the future.
  • Do not ask for a promotion. Every rank in the group must be earned some way.
  • If a customer is breaking a rule, report it to a member of the management team at your earliest convenience. We want to make sure other customers have a great experience too.
  • Do your job and only your job.
  • Do not argue with fellow employees. If there is a problem, please report it to a manager.

Rule Infractions:

If you break a rule, you may receive a punishment or a warning. Punishments are based on the severity of your infraction and can consist of any of the following:

  • Warning

  • A temporary ban

  • A permanent ban

  • A demotion from your current rank

If you notice a member breaking a rule, report it immediately to management so we can take care of it.

Group Games

This game serves as our main game for our community. Here, you can come to visit to order our great food, or work as an employee!
SizzleBurger Restaurant - Roblox

Training Center
At our Training Center, you can attend scheduled training sessions to help you get better at your job, and get promoted!
Training Center - Roblox

Job Game
At our job game, customers can get interviewed to join our team here at SizzleBurger!
Apply for a Job at SizzleBurger! - Roblox

Meeting Center
At our Meeting Center, you can attend public group meetings when we have special announcements to make!
Meeting Center - Roblox



Customer A customer or patron of SizzleBurger.
Noted Customer These members are either resigned executive members or important members. This rank cannot be earned and you must be selected for it.
Contributor These individuals have contributed in some way to the group, usually being with development or design. This role cannot be earned and you must be selected for it.


Trainee An employee who has passed their interview, and needs to be trained. Trainees must train to be able to start working here at SizzleBurger. To become a Trainee, visit our interview game!
Cashier Cashiers are tasked with greeting guests, taking their order, and submitting their order to the kitchen through the ordering system. To become a Cashier, you must pass one of our training sessions as a Trainee.
Experienced Cashier Experienced Cashiers are cashiers who are more experienced and have achieved 150 points at the restaurant by working and doing their job. They are now eligible to attend a training to become a Cook.
Cook Cooks are tasked with preparing all the food that our guests order and serving it to them once the order is made.
Experienced Cook Experienced Cooks are cooks who are more experienced and have achieved 300 points at the restaurant by working and doing their job. They are now eligible to attend a training to become a Senior Staff member.
Senior Staff The Senior Staff members are responsible for filling in for any of the two main roles if we are low on any of them. They cannot work as a cashier and a cook at the same time. At the restaurant, these members are able to choose whether they would like to work as a cashier or a cook. Usually, they should choose a job that the current server is low on. For example, if there are few cooks but a lot of cashiers, they should take on the role of cook.
Shift Leader Shift Leaders are senior staff who achieved 550 points by working hard and proving themselves at the restaurant. They can work as both cashiers and cooks during shifts and are also eligible to become a Management Intern. Management members will look out for talented Shift Leaders to see if they're fit for the Management Intern position and give them an upvote. If a Shift Leader obtains 5 upvotes, they become a Management Intern.
Management Intern Management Interns are shift leaders who have proven themselves and have obtained 5 upvotes. Management Interns undergo a mentorship process where they are assigned a mentor that trains and prepares them throughout the process to become a management member. In the end, they are either passed to Training Assistant or failed back to Shift Leader and are required to do the entire process again.


Training Assistant Training Assistants are tasked with assisting the rest of the management team during training sessions. If there are no higher management members on a restaurant server, the training assistants would take over. In order to obtain this rank, you must pass the mentorship program as a Management Intern.
Restaurant Supervisor Restaurant Supervisors are responsible for hosting and attending training sessions to train our staff members. In the restaurant, they in charge of assisting the managers in ensuring restaurant operations run smoothly without issue..
Restaurant Manager The Restaurant Managers are tasked with the general operation of the restaurant and ensuring that every aspect of the restaurant is running smoothly with zero issues. They also are able to host trainings and help train staff.
Management Mentor The Management Mentors are tasked with mentoring newly promoted interns and making sure that they are well trained for when they become a Training Assistant. Management Mentors are also in charge of answering community questions, and ensuring that restaurant operations are running smoothly.
Executive Intern Executive Interns are responsible for helping out executives carry out some of their daily duties and learn the ropes of being an administration member. They are also responsible for some basic management duties as well.


The Executive Officers are responsible for running SizzleBurger’s daily operations. The Executive Officers are divided into two main teams. The teams are Community Management and Staff Management.

Executive Officers of Community Management The Executive Officers of Community Management handle everything that revolves around the SizzleBurger community. They manage public relations with our community and affiliates, they handle the group's events, and they oversee the moderation team and the mentorship program. The Executives of the Community Management Team ensure that SizzleBurger's communications remain effective while maintaining an actively engaged community.
Executive Officers of Staff Management The Executive Officers of Staff Management handle everything that revolves around the group's staffing. They are responsible for establishing and monitoring staff performance which includes the management team and its resources. These executives enforce the rules and regulations, handle complaints, and deal with appeals to ensure SizzleBurger's proper flow of staffing operations. The Executive Officers of Staff Management encourage appropriate and professional behavior to make sure that our staff members meet our group's standards.

Senior Administration

Vice President The Vice Presidents are primarily tasked with managing their assigned team. They are to ensure that everyone is doing their part without bias and in a timely manner in order to ensure SizzleBurger's operations are a success.
President & Chief Executive Officer The President & Chief Executive Officer is tasked with assisting the Community Owner with his daily workload. This person is also responsible for overseeing the administration and the Vice Presidents.
Community Owner The Community Owner is responsible for the overall operation of the community.
Training Session Information

In order to get promoted to Cashier, Cook, or Senior Staff, you must attend and pass one of our training sessions. Training sessions are hosted on a daily basis at the following times:

Training Schedule

1st Session: 12:00 AM EDT | 5:00 AM BST
2nd Session: 3:00 AM EDT | 8:00 AM BST
3rd Session: 7:00 AM EDT | 12:00 PM BST
4th Session: 11:00 AM EDT | 4:00 PM BST
5th Session: 2:00 PM EDT | 7:00 PM BST
6th Session: 5:00 PM EDT | 10:00 PM BST
7th Session 9:00 PM EDT | 2:00 AM BST

All of the following times above are in Eastern Daylight Time and British Summer Time. We suggest that you use a time converter to convert the time to your time zone.

If you plan on attending a training session, please plan on staying for the entire duration of the training as you may miss important parts of it. You are only allowed to go “AFK” for a specific amount of time each training. Going “AFK” for too long or leaving the session will not get your promoted.

In addition, please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before the training time as the server gets locked when the clock hits the times listed above.

After you have passed your training, you should be ranked in the server. Do not leave the game until your trainer tells you that you have been ranked and can leave. If you fail your training session, do not give up! You have unlimited chances to pass! Good luck!

Partnership Information

Thank you for your interest in having your community or organization to become partners with SizzleBurger! SizzleBurger is always looking for other groups to collaborate and form positive relationships with. In order to partner with us, we ask that you please contact a member of our Community Management team if you meet our requirements.

Requirements for Partnership:

➔ Group must have at least 50,000 members.

➔ Group must have active.

➔ Group must be organized and conduct themselves professionally.

➔ Group must be willing to shout and attend SizzleBurger events.

➔ Group Representatives must communicate with our team.

➔ Group members must not break our set rules at our games.

SizzleBurger Cookbook

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact any member from our management team for assistance. Thank you for being apart of the SizzleBurger Community!

Best Regards,
SilverAuthority, SizzleBurger’s Founder


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