SizzleChicken | Handbook

This is the Official Handbook for SizzleChicken.


Do not admin abuse: (The following commands may be considered admin abuse)

  • respawn (when not used on yourself)
  • res (when not used on yourself)
  • ref (when not used on yourself)
  • m/sm (when used for no reason)
  • jumppower
  • jump
  • sit
  • gear
  • slock (when not at a training)
  • ban/pban (for unnecessary reasons)
  • kick (for unnecessary reasons)
  • music
  • god


• Must be hosted by a General Manager+
• Must be at least 1 hour apart from each other.
• You are not required to give out permissions durring shifts.


  • Must be hosted 1 hour apart from each other.
    • Host must be a CSO+
    • Co-Host must be a BOD+
    • Trainer’s must be an MR+
    • The max rank you can receive at a training is Staff Assistant.
    • Trainings must be approved by a CA+
    • Trainings must be logged on Hyra.
    • Everyone helping must use the guide: Training - Guide