Sizzled Handbook | Departments

Administration Department

  • The administrations Department is responsible for handing disruption, recruiting members, promoting OR demotion employees, and finally observing workers. They are in charge of handing ALL workers. Any concerns relative to rank, work-ethic and employee information is highly recommended to constant a member of the administration department.

Public Relations Department

  • The Public Relations Department regards and manages all alliances, future events, and representatives who are interested in forming to partner with our platform. It is necessary to contact a member of the PRD if you have a concern related to allies, former functions, and etc. Public Relations members are people who strive to create unbreakable and strong bonds with other communities to their limits.

Community Support Department

  • The Community Support Department is in charge of handling and moderating the discord server and to answer ALL questions and concerns from others. They are the dictionary of Sizzled and know it like the back of its hand. All important information or queries are to be asked to a member of the CSD by simple using a ticket in the #bot-commands channel located in our discord server.