Sizzled Handbook

Sizzled is a highly up-to-date restaurant that is relative to the famous American food style. We here with our community warmly welcome you on this journey with us.

The official Sizzled handbook assists and elaborates on resourceful information regarding what we expect from your employees, staff, and customers throughout the cafe. Our extremely talented staff have created this newly made handbook to fulfill you on your concerns and queries

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Rules and Regulations

Mandatory Guidelines

  • Present in the server and tend to cause disruption such as spamming, being inappropriate, and the use of excessive capitalization is NOT tolerated.Present in the server and tend to cause disruption such as spamming, being inappropriate, and the use of excessive capitalization is NOT tolerated.

  • Respect is an absolute attire. Respecting everyone and those around you are strictly necessary while roaming around at the cafe. Discrimination, intention contamination, shaming; race, sex, culture, and a way of communication will face extreme consequences

  • Trolling and wearing inappropriate clothing is highly prohibited at Sizzled. This is the last thing we expect from the community. Failing to in-tend this rule will face future outcomes from management.

  • Promoting your own based community or platform in our discord server and Sizzled related corporations is extremely forbidden.

Staff Guidelines

  • Professionalism towards our customers and newcomers is highly requisite and necessary within your attendance of Sizzled’s games.

  • Grammar, punctuating, and spelling are mandatory and sufficient when being a part of the staff team. Failing to inquire about this on all premises will lead to a straight demotion.

  • Socializing with others is perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t come out of hand. We massively expect you to be appropriate and mature to all colleagues and fellow employees.

  • Contacting in a form with any high ranks hinting for a promotion will greatly lose your chance from achieving the role you’ve asked for.

Discord Guidelines

  • Any type of harassment, sexual behavior, and foul language toward another are strictly prohibited in all channels and servers. This will commence with extreme consequences

  • To ensure all members in the communications server are at peace, we highly recommend not to create any drama, nonsense, or conflict with other members. Causing this is prohibited.

  • All voice channels are to acquire everyone with adequate behavior while talking or listening to others. Failing to in-tend this rule ends in a straight BAN from all Sizzled’s games and social links/websites.

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