Skinned mesh is invisible during physical simulation

I built a Ragdoll system using Dogu15 with skinned mesh feature. However, when the physics starts, the connection between the arms or legs with the skinned mesh applied will not be visible. And what’s even worse is that it originally worked very smoothly and nicely, and it didn’t touch any scripts and all of a sudden it just happened. Also, my old game that used this method also had this problem. But it works fine in the animation editor. I think this is a bug in Roblox. I’m not sure which optimization update this is from Roblox, but I need some help. How do I fix this?

Edit: This appears to be a serious bug that should be fixed quickly. Happens in other games:

blood warning
With a ragdoll system:

On animation editor plugin:


Thanks for reporting this, do you have any repro instructions?


I’m not very good at English, but in order to implement this bug, It needs to create a Ragdoll with a BallSocketConstraint on a character made of skinned mesh.

But I want to send a model to show you in more detail, but my system is not public, so it’s a little difficult to make public. Sorry…

But you can test this bug in this game.

Thanks. Can you send me a list of places that have this problem?


As a result of my research so far, it seems that many games do not implement Ragdoll using skinned meshes. I found a few here (including my games)
[PAUSED] Ro - Strike : Remastered (TEST) - Roblox?
[HD Arms] Gun Testing - Roblox?

I hope for a quick fix!

I have filtered those places so they should be working now, let me know if you find others.


Now all works! thank you so much.


Hopefully everything is still working normally? We are still debugging this issue and were wondering if you could try reproducing it in Studio? If you turn on “Beta Features → Cage Mesh Deformer” that will turn on the problem flags, and you should see the same issues from last week when playing within that copy of Studio. If you can reproduce it, can you send us a scene file we can use for debugging? Thanks in advance for your help with this!

@jiwonz, if possible, can you share the script you’re using to “rag doll” those characters? Thanks for your help.

The script is my personal property, so I can’t make it publicly available here, but DoguR15 is open to anyone. So I ended up making my own Ragdoll script with this Rig. But it can be implemented very simply. The principle is a simple principle that is made with Ragdoll using welded boxes that can recognize physics and BallSocketConstraint, detects death on the server and is shown Ragdoll to everyone as a local script. thank you.
Hope this helps

This is my Skinned Ragdoll model, which is an upgrade of the Dogu R15.
DoguR15RagdollSkinnedTest.rbxm (17.6 KB)

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