Skinned Meshes: Bones missing?

I uploaded a model consisting of 4 bones however, during the uploading process, I lost the bottommost bone.

This is the Bones Studio:

Bone’s in Blender 2.79:

Was I missing something in the process because the bones currently are properly parented.


Can you send a screenshot of your explorer in blender?

Have you tried re-importing, and/or re-assigning the rig?

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I’m confused as you mean by my explorer however I did in fact tried re-importing and re-assigning the rig. In order to solve my problem, I had to include an additional bone towards the end of the armature though I’m still confused where the last bone went.

Additional bone:

Uploaded to Studio:

It’s almost as if the last bone goes missing whenever I include an additional bone.

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Hmmm… That is very interesting…

Im glad the issue could be semi-resolved. Can you try this with another rig and let me know if this occurs again?


Sorry for the late reply but early this week, I’ve messed around with Skinned Meshes and had the same issue.

Model in the studio(Sorry for the gif):

The gif only displays 3 bones in the studio

in contrast of the one in blender:



This is very interestingly weird. Can you tell me how your exporting the armature and the model to studios?

Also just to help you on what the “explorer” is its this thing image

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Actually I think I have found the problem. or is it a problem?

The thing is the bone just doesn’t show up but the bone is still in their and still can be animated. Here ill show an example video of my mesh deformation rig. In this video I bended the feet even though it did not show the bones inside the feet. The bones are their for visuals only.

and heres a picture of the rig inside of blender to show comparison. I have around 8 bones in total in this rig.


This doesn’t really solve anything because if you look at this it’s not compensating for the actual bone needed.

Edit: My weight paint is fine in blender and this issue doesn’t occur when animating in blender or posing.
Another note I need to add is that this doesn’t apply if you add more limbs either. You end up with the same problem missing more joints.

Hi, I can try to help with this problem but not sure if I can fix it. This might take a while. Do you want to continue this in messages or another way of chatting? Like Discord or something else?