Skinned Meshes Bug that needs to be fixed

I want to do movable hairs in my game.

But the problem is when you add a hair onto the character (Skinned Mesh), and lets say I wanted to delete it and change it, The character would become invisible.

Before Deletion:

After Deletion:

  1. I’ve tried to look up to see if anyone else had this issue, But I can’t anyone who has had this problem yet (I know that Skinned Meshes are fairly new so I understand)

I Also tried maybe re-uploading it and seeing if that fixed it, Still no luck.

Has anyone else tried to do movable hairs and have a bug with it being deleted on anything?

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I’m also running into this exact same problem, have you found any ways around it?

Guys, the issue is back. Post your problems here, I reopened the topic: