Skinned MeshPart Studio Beta

@OblivionScar I can’t give a definite answer. The chances are high for either this month or next.


Heya! So earlier this week I started getting this odd glitch when running the transition effect shown earlier. Whenever I edit a part on the rig it flickers / resets to the default animation for a frame or two.

In order to reproduce it all I need to do is change the size / transparency of a meshpart under the rig, and the other parts will respond accordingly.

I’m fairly certain it isn’t my doing, as I reverted back to the version of the game where I filmed the original video, and the glitch remained.

It won’t be the end of the world if I can’t do this transition effect, however I do think it made my game better, and it would be great if this could be patched.


Let me know if there’s any other info I can provide. Thanks again for all your hard work!


When will we be able to click on the bones to select them faster on the Animation Editor?


@RobieTheCat i have a question, when the mesh deformation was announced an moderator asked me what i woud preffer nex shape keys or scaling bones, i responded scalling bones woud be nice to have first.

my question is are whe able to use shape key aready? if not will it be addeded in future?


You should check this out!


Am I dreaming or did this feature just get enabled in-game, silently?

I was just testing out my game and I realized that the bones suddenly became functional, caught me off-guard!

There was nothing pointed out in the latest release notes either, was this intentional?


i’m subscribed to that channel in the release date of that pixar knee video, and that image is just an example. shape keys is really good for making expresion or making fixes in the animation.

I’ve ran into this issue a few times and can’t seem to figure out what I’m doing wrong with my rig.

On roblox, only some of the bones are appearing to be imported, where the rest of the bones such as the Body, Turret and Gun are not imported- but appear in the animation editor as parts, rather then bones.

These are all of the bones in blender, that SHOULD be imported along with the .FBX but isn’t.


Okay so the problem here is that both the body, turret and gun meshes and bones shared the same name as their bone/meshes. Thus Roblox was not creating bones for the meshes.


if i’m not whrong too, it dont create bones that is not signed to a mesh, like ik bone.

Wow this is a really good studio update.

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My mesh and rig loads into the game perfectly fine, but when I try to load the animations, this happens. Is there a fix?



Can u make it so we can import like meshes with 100k triangles.

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Being able to import meshes at that scale however it doesn’t match with the “one game fits all” mentality Roblox has. With this, Roblox likes to make features/games compatible on all devices (and rightly so).

Hey did you ever get a fix for this? It’s happening on my end too.

There’s literally no reason to have a mesh with that many polygons in-game, I recommend that you search a YT tutorial on “Retopology”. It pretty much allows you to massively reduce polygons of a mesh and yet keep the general form of it.

Another thing to search is “Normal Map Baking,” this allows you to bake the Normals of a high poly onto a low poly mesh to make it look like it has a lot of detail. However, this’ll only apply when PBR textures are fully released.

Most character meshes range from 3k - 20k triangles in video games, anything above 20k would really be pushing it. Even half of what you’re asking for is unheard of talk less of 100k triangles.

Roblox’s limit is 10k triangles because its meant to be accessible to a wide range of players however you can get around this by uploading different parts of your character as separate meshes, although I seriously recommend that you keep the character as no more than 15k triangles if you really must.


Its because the animation retains data including size and location of the bone. The only workaround i know is to scale down your mesh and rig in blender, so that it becomes compatible with roblox units.

I’m getting the same issue he has. The strange part is that they import fine through the beta version but when importing or updating them to the live version they get wonky again

@Dyzcroll There is not currently support for ‘shape key’ - assuming this is also known as ‘morph targets’ or ‘blend shapes’ - where mesh can interpolate between set poses.
It’s being discussed and may be in the longer term plans.


It was an oversight on my part that this was not mentioned in the release notes.
It would not have said the feature would have been enabled though. Only that certain bugs or issues had been fixed relating to skinned mesh.

The actual enabling of features mostly happens when flags are turned on - which happens after releases. So although a release may enable a feature to be turned on, it’s only actually turned on when the flag is set.

My apologies if this was unexpected.

If the feature remains stable - and is not turned off - I will make sure there is something in an upcoming release note.


@RobieTheCat Was this object a test object, or is this mesh deformer object ever coming?