Skybox Anomalies Recently Showing Up

I’ve recently noticed a stark downgrade in the quality of the skybox my game uses. This has only been happening since yesterday.

The skybox is supposed to be a smooth gradient from blue to white, which it previously was, but now there are clearly visible artifacts that cause an array of undesirable “ridges”. On top of that, the corners of the skybox are now easily visible and it feels like the player is in a cube. Here are some before and after screenshots to illustrate my point (The “before” screenshots were obviously taken before the issue started so it may be a bit hard to discern details in the skybox):



A few things to note:

  • The issues with the skybox only started yesterday
  • It may be a bit hard to see smaller details in the skybox through the screenshots I provided. Here’s a link to game with the skybox with default lighting settings so you can see for yourself: rolbloxguy1876's Place Number: 123 - Roblox
  • This has happened on every single game I’ve tested with this skybox. It is not exclusive to only one place
  • I have not changed any skybox settings and the skybox images have not been altered
  • We found this skybox from the Atmos plugin. It’s called 'Clear Sky’

Here is a file that includes the Sky object for this specific skybox:
skybox.rbxm (1.1 KB)

My game heavily relies on the skybox to create an immersive atmosphere and to influence lighting. It’s not the end of the world, but it is still incredibly frustrating to see the atmosphere of your game heavily diminished.

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue similar to this, or if any recent changes have impacted how skyboxes look.


I’ve been experiencing this issue as well and it really triggers me whenever I look at the sky. I would like to note that if I take the ID from the sky and put it in a decal, the compression effect is also present.



Decal (Compression visible):

Edit: I’m no longer experiencing this issue! :smiley:


I think it is related to the way Roblox appear to be handling texture compression of late. See the thread below:

Thanks for attaching the skybox.rbxm, I will look into it. We’ve disabled changes related to this, you should not be seeing this anymore. Would be great if you can verify, thanks!


The issue has been resolved, the skybox looks like it did before. Thanks!

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