Skybox rotation

You know how we have rotatable GUI elements now (rotateo!!1!)

Well it would be cool if we could ‘rotate’ the skybox giving the illusion the clouds (or other skybox textures you applied) are moving. I was thinking of three new properties to be added to the Sky one would be RotationSpeed (default would be 0) which can be increased to up to 1 (e.g. 0.05) for a slow casual drift to the right or minus to go left/down, this constantly rotates the skybox at that speed (but if you leave it at 0 then it will just stay static) and the second is Rotation (saying I made a cool skybox with the sun at the front but in some part of the game you want the sun to be behind you, you could easily and instantly change the Rotation to 180.

Would be cool if you’re standing still and you see clouds going around you.

The final one would be RotationDirection, 1 for vertical and 0 for horizontal. This will work with RotationSpeed (e.g. 0.05 RotationSpeed and 0 for RotationDirection will make the sky rotate slowly to the right)

It uses parts and I rotated them all together so it’s not perfect but you get the idea (you won’t see the box edges like that either)

Not to mention, we could have a really scary skybox (like you’re in a nightmare all the sudden and you’re going into another dimension, you could quickly increase the skybox rotation to make it look really awesome)

[li]RotationSpeed, 0 for static and up to 1 for setting the speed it rotates at[/li]
[li]Rotation, Instantly set the rotation of the sky (180 for backwards etc)[/li]
[li]RotationDirection, 0 for horizontal and 1 for vertical [/li]

Transparency for every one of these.
Hopefully I explained that well