SkyKurr - Scripter/Composer [COMMISSIONS ONLY]

About Me

Hello to all developers. My name is SkyKurr and I am a professional/experienced Developer. I have been developing for around 3 years on Roblox working on many commissions and working part time on different gaming companies to provide amazing games!
You may ask why hire me? The reason you should hire me is I am a striving developer looking for some new work so I can get some pay for the future of my games and my life, and I am willing to share all of that with you.
As for I am an experienced developer who is also in High School my pay will be a bit high due to me wanting to save money for my later years. This being prices are all negotiable but I will not go too low, so if you cannot hire a high quality developer then you should not hire me and find someone who has less experience then me. But if you have the profits I will be willing to help.
I do currently have a part time job in the development world here on Roblox but that does not stop me from taking commissions and more from other people. Since I still am able to take other jobs along with what I have now. That being said if you hire me I will be able to work long hours on your game.


Composing/SFX Examples

Programming Examples

Advanced Round System Full - - For demonstration contact me on discord(Advanced Round System)
Different Team - - Team Changer with debounce. - Pet System - Arrow System


Programming Experience

☾S.C.P.F☽ - Roblox!/about
Pinnacore - Roblox
(4) Outlander Studios - Roblox

Composing/SFX Experience

Nightmare Studios - Roblox
Ponchokings - Roblox
Sonar Studios - Roblox!/about


I am available to work about 4-6 hours per day for the next couple of months. Times may vary when summer ends. That means around 24-36 hours of work a week. I can work more if needed. I am usually more active on weekdays then weekends. I do take some vacations over the summer so don’t be surprised if I have to take a couple days off.


Payment is negotiable per project. We will discuss in DMs.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via discord at SkyKurr#9748. I will get back to you usually in an hour or two.

Thanks for reading! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow these sounds and songs are amazing.

Still open for comms! Send me a message and I’ll get back to you. Prices are always negotiable!